CD Special Loot #3!

This feels more like another Fate/ZERO CD special loot post, but the fact that two other items here are for Shana III keeps it from being that :P.

Haven’t really been buying much anime music related CDs for the past few years ever since I took up importing Japanese anime blu-rays and DVDs but I guess these can finally add more to my anime CD list page.

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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. I purchased three copies of Kalafina’s “To the beginning”  opening theme to the 2nd half of the Fate/ZERO anime. The three editions I purchased were the LE type B, LE anime cover pressing & regular edition.

Regular Edition

Limited Edition Type B

This edition comes with a bonus blu-ray disc containing the music video for “to the beginning”. The reason why I got Type B instead of Type A was that Type A basically contained the same tracklist and bonus disc containing the music video for the song, only except it’s in DVD format and obviously the video would look superior in blu-ray, besides, I own a blu-ray player for a few years now so it’s pointless to get the one with a bonus DVD instead of the BD (unless it has different contents on the CD and bonus disc).

Limited Edition Anime Cover Pressing

This edition uses Fate/ZERO for the cover and in place of the 3rd track on the CD is the TV size of “to the beginning” theme whereas the two editions above contains the instrumental to that song. It also comes with a bonus DVD containing the music video for the song using footage’s of the anime instead of the one where Kalafina shot for it.

And another Fate/ZERO related purchase was this limited pressing tribute album by Aoi Eir “Prayer”. In addition to being in digipak packaging, the album contains a bonus sticker and mobile application ticket for a special event (not that it matters for anyone living outside of Japan anyway). I haven’t actually listened to the album yet but seeing that there is an orchestra version of “MEMORIA” on it really intrigues me.

Having bought it from Animate, I also received their store exclusive double-sided poster with one side containing the cover of the album while the other featured a bigger version of the image of Aoi Eir from the digipak’s inner side.

What really surprised me when I got in these CDs were four mysterious small envelopes were attached to the loot. It turns out these four small attachments are special Fate/ZERO mini notebooks with each one containing the illustrations of the servants shown from the video to the anime’s ending theme “MEMORIA” (with the exception of Saber) on the cover.

At first I thought this was weird how I got these bonus mini notebooks without any notices or details from the listings on Animate, but upon my research, it turns out these mini notebooks were included as a present with any purchases of goods worth at least 1,000 yen each related to Fate/ZERO, as part of Animate’s Fate/ZERO fair (scroll down a bit to where it has the “Fair” section). So because I purchased four CDs related to the anime, I received four of these mini notebooks. Quite surprising I didn’t end up with any duplicates as these seem to be given out randomly with the envelopes giving no indication which servant’s mini notebook you would receive.  I would like to complete the set now that I know about it and get the remaining three servants, but it’s not really much of a high priority for me.

Getting back to store exclusives, the three editions of the “to the beginning” CD singles that I bought all came with Animate’s bonus 2-set postcards, with one featuring Kalafina while the other contains a Fate/ZERO illustrated image, so in the end I have six of these postcards lol. It turns out the Fate/ZERO illustrated image is the same one as the A3 clear poster Animate included on the first BD boxset for the anime, oh well, it’s nice to have it in another item I guess. Don’t know whether I should giveaway the duplicates or not :P.

Moving away from Fate/ZERO, I got in volume 2 of the Superiority assorted album and audio drama for Shana III. There seems to be one more volume after this that will be released at the end of June, and again will have another audio drama, will be interesting as to what story will be adapted for it or whether it’ll be an original one.

And the final item! It’s not a CD though and I couldn’t be bothered to make a separate post just for one Shana merchandise so I’ll tack it on at the end here lol. A life-size wallscroll recently released.

That’s all folks! (for now anyway)

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