Calling All Artists! New Blog Banner Competition!

Not sure if this will become successful or not but I’m gonna go ahead and do it anyway :P.

My one year anniversary of running this blog is coming up in June and I’ve been looking at changing the banner and maybe getting a new theme, thing is that I have no particular artwork or images in mind to change the banner to and the current one was just one I lazily made from a photo of my Shana collection lol. Another dilemma I have at the moment is having excess number of promotional anime posters sitting in my room doing nothing. So putting two and two together, I’ve decided to hold a competition for anyone interested in submitting in either anime original artworks or fanart that can be used as a banner for my blog. More details about the competition and prizes below!

This competition is open to all artists around the world! While I don’t have any certain themes in mind other than anime, I am looking for a few things in the artworks that could be suitable for the blog. If you browse through the majority of my previous entries then you might get an idea on what to include. The guidelines for the artwork entries are below.

Entry Guidelines

  • Artworks preferably in colour
  • Image size be at least 800 x 600 pixels
  • Can be original piece or fanart
  • Artworks must be tagged (so I can give credit to the creator)
  • Entries preferably be submitted in either high quality JPEG or PNG format
Please submit your entries either by the contact page or in the comments with a link to your artwork for the competition.

Cut Off Date For Entries To Be Submitted By

  • June 22nd, 2012 (Australian East Coast Time)

How The Competition Will Be Run

  • All entries will be featured on my blog and over in a post at shortly after the cut off date
  • All entries can be voted on over at the post
  • The entry with the most votes after the voting cut off date (TBA) will have first choice to pick what prize they want from the list
  • The runner up with have 2nd pick, 2nd runner up will have 3rd pick, 3rd runner up will have 4th pick and so on…
  • All artists of the winning entries will be contacted via email or pm

Just another note, the artwork that I decide to use for my blog banner might not be the one with the most votes! So don’t feel bad if you didn’t win :). Now onto the prizes!

Competition Prizes!

Please click on the images to get a better view

Prize A- Fate/ZERO ED “MEMORIA” & OP “Oath/sign” Poster Set & 2 Animate Store Exclusive Postcards

Prize B – K-On! DVD/BD Promotional Poster by Madman Entertainment (x2) *in reasonable condition with some small scratches on the posters

Prize C – Hellsing Remake/Bleach (double sided) DVD Promotional Poster by Madman Entertainment (x2) *reasonable condition with some small tears on the edges

Prize D – Ghost In The Shell/Ikkitousen (double sided) DVD Promotional Poster by Madman Entertainment (x2)

Prize E – Madlax/Scrapped Princess (double sided) DVD Promotional Poster by Madman Entertainment (x1)

Prize F – Dragon Ball Z/Cromartie High School (double sided) DVD Promotional Poster by Madman Entertainment (x2)

Prize G – Studio Ghibli’s Pom Poko/My Neighbours The Yamadas (double sided) DVD Promotional Poster by Madman Entertainment (x1)

Now surely there must be some artists out there who want these posters right? Feel free to pass around this competition to the anime community if you like! The more entries the better I say lol (and I do hope I’ll be able to run this as smoothly as possible) now let it BEGIN!

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