Anime CD List

A list of all the physical anime or anime-related CDs in my collection as well as various Japanese music I happen to like. I’ve separated them into specific categories to be a bit more accurate in what type of CD’s they are. All of them are legitimate Japanese copies unless marked specifically as a US or Australian licensed product (with the exception of doujins). You can see what I have by checking the drop down menus under the anime CD list.

Please do not send me messages asking me to post download links/scans.

I will only do it if I feel like it as this is more of a way for me to try and keep updated with what is in my collection.

3 responses to “Anime CD List

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  2. “Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 – Collectors File 1999”

    this one i have never heard of before, do you have any more information you can share about this specific album?



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