May 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot (Part 1)

More anime BD imports that I have yet to watch! Well actually these had arrived at the post office about a week ago but I didn’t bother to go and pick them up until yesterday, was too tired from my regular weekly dance classes to make a post about it as soon as I got them in, but now I can feel like doing it.

With this latest BD import loot, I have now completed “Working’!!”. Unless a 3rd season anime for that is announced soon, all I have left to complete are Shana III, Ano Natsu & Fate/ZERO.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Kicking off with the limited first press volume 2 of Ano Natsu.

One extra pic taken for this volume’s cover for the digipak, mainly cause I found it looking pretty funny with a not impressed Kanna waiting for Mio.

Got in the limited edition 5th volume of Shana III with the 2nd artbox to hold the remaining four volumes of the series.

Took a photo of the other side of the box for those curious to know what it looks like.

Finally we get to volume 7 (the final volume) of Working’!! (yay! finally completed this series!)

Like with the LE DVD releases of the 1st season for the Working!! anime, I received Animate’s store exclusive bonus drama CD as part of their campaign from purchasing all the LE BD volumes from them. Have not yet listened to it but will probably get to it in the next few days.

And like the store exclusive bonus campaigns for the 1st season LE DVD releases, there are also store exclusive bonus drama CDs from Gamers, Sofmap & Toranoana that are given out if you bought all the LE BD or DVD volumes from each store respectively. Having obtained Toranoana’s version of the store exclusive drama CD from the 1st season campaign a few weeks ago, I think I’m gonna wait awhile before I try to get the other three retailer’s 2nd season store exclusive drama CDs on Yahoo Japan Auctions. No doubt Gamers & Toranoana version will probably cost the most expensive as they don’t seem to pop up as often as Sofmap’s or Animate’s version. *Sigh*

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