Last Updated 15-03-12

The majority are original Japanese imports unless specifically marked:
* = Japanese First Press/Limited Edition
+ = Japanese Second Press Edition
# = US Licensed Import
^ = Australian “Madman” Version

BoA – “Double” CD Single
Bubblegum Crisis – Say Yes! 7th OP (Cassette Version)
Bubblegum Crisis – One Little Dangerous Knight Saber Audio Drama (Cassette Tape)
Bubblegum Crisis – With Love Wars Audio Drama (Cassette Tape)
Chobits – Daremo Inai Machi CD Picture Book
Hiromi – True Colors EP
Hiromi – Rainbow
Hiromi – Rainbow Special Bonus Promo Disc
Hiromi – Aisaretai CD Single
Hiromi – Magic
Hiromi – Trick
Kalafina – Re/Oblivious
Kalafina – Seventh Heaven*
Mami Kawada – Linkage*
Mikuni Shimokawa – Kimi no Uta
Nao’ymt – Nao’ymt wit’ -1st Season-
Oda Kazumasa – Soukana
ZONE TRIBUTE – Kimi ga Kureta Mono

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