UNBOXING | Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel I. Presage Flower Movie – JP Limited Edition Blu-ray (With ANIPLEX+ JP Store Exclusives)

Well hello there old blog and readers! Long time no see, it’s pretty obvious I haven’t posted here for awhile again but I thought I’d break the drought given the latest Japanese anime bluray release I got in, “Fate/Stay Night: Heavens Feel I. Presage Flower Movie”, along with some rather cool store exclusive bonuses from ANIPLEX+ Japan’s online store.

I’ve said it in many old previous posts but I’ll say it again here, I haven’t been importing much anime bluray or merchandise releases for the past few years hence why I haven’t been posting much. There have been some small stuff I bought here and there however which I might make some blog posts for in the future but for now this will focus on the Japanese limited edition bluray release of the first Heaven’s Feel movie from Fate/Stay Night.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’ve never been familiar with the Heaven’s Feel route story from the Fate franchise other than knowing that it’s extremely long and focuses on Sakura Matou, so the movie adaptations by ufotable will be my gateway entry into it. I’ve seen many of the other Fate/Stay Night anime adaptations though so am familiar with the general plot and premises from the other routes so it will be interesting to see what occurs in this one.

First of all, the price of importing this set from ANIPLEX+ Japan’s online store is one of the first thing I gotta mention. At 10,260 yen RRP + 540 yen domestic shipping within Japan to Tenso’s warehouse, this release had already cost me approximately $135AUD. Add in the 5,040 yen forwarding service fee to have it shipped to me (approx $64AUD via EMS + Tenso handling fee), this set costs me a grand total of $199AUD! Almost $200…yikes! However, I chose to import it from ANIPLEX+ knowing full well of the expensive price because it would come with some store exclusive bonuses that I wanted, in particular the RUN! RUN! Lancer side scroll mini game. More about that later in the post but first let’s take a look at the packaging and contents of the bluray set.

I was not expecting this big purple mailing box with the Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel movie title logo as part of the packaging when I got this in, so it took me by surprise!

ANIPLEX+ Japan has now made it very hard for me to not throw it out XD. It was quite a bit of a hassle to remove some of the address stickers and tape residues on the box but I managed to get them off as best as I could. I’ve still left most of the sticky tapes on there though as it seems trying to remove the rest would end up damaging and peeling off the purple colours on the box. Decided to keep it in the end anyway as it provides great storage for some of the outer physical bonuses.

This particular release from Aniplex Japan has some rather different box packaging styles compared to their previous releases of the Fate franchise anime blurays. For one, instead of the wrap around obi slips that were present in the Fate/ZERO and Unlimited Blade Works bluray box releases, this set comes with a paper slip cover type obi that mainly just covers the back and a little bit of the front of the box.

The second is that the box opens up like a VHS clam-shell case where it stores the digipaks inside holding the three discs (the theatrical movie, special disc (DVD format only) & original soundtrack) plus the artbook and animation material booklet containing character designs, special messages, track list for the soundtrack and interviews & discussions with Nasu Kinoko, Takashi Takeuchi, Tomonori Sudou and other production staff.

Some photos of the artbook and animation material booklet.


Contains various promotional artworks created for the movie

Animation Material Booklet

A look into the special disc shows that it contains the following special programs:

  1. Before release to the public, “Origins of the story to the theatre.”
  2. First Day Premier Event with Stage Greetings (Compilation Edition)
  3. Special Trade Show “Matou Family Stage Greetings” (Compilation Edition)
  4. Interview with Noriko Shitaya (voice actress for Sakura Matou) – 「Fate Project New Year’s Eve TV Special 2017」(Long Version)

The product listing on the ANIPLEX+ website states that the special bonus disc is in DVD format only, which is kinda disappointing given some of the special bonus discs on other Aniplex Japan’s anime bluray releases were actually in bluray format too instead of DVD (like the Ano Hana movie limited edition bluray release set). I guess they’re trying to cut costs since it’d be much cheaper to mass produce these special discs in DVD than bluray, plus it seems like television specials and events often aren’t considered important enough to be released in HD, at least I think in Japan anyway. It’s also stated that the “LIVE” part of the First Day Premier Event footage is not included here. Whether that “LIVE” part refers to live music performances or something else (like live streaming) I’m not sure, but I’m gonna guess it’s live music performances since that often involves music label copyrights and the artist’s music agencies to sort through to put on home video releases.

EDIT: Turns out they meant the full live stream version of the First Day Premier Event footage is not included upon watching the program on the special disc lol.

Moving onto the other physical bonuses for the set, there was a pre-order bonus campaign for a A3 clear poster. It features the jacket artwork of the DVD and bluray release that would be included for all orders placed at participating retailers by the 31st of March, 2018.

My pre-order from ANIPLEX+ Japan’s online shop also comes with two store exclusives. The first one is a special promotional artwork that comes in a A3 canvas art card. It was actually more like an artboard though.

The second is an original side scrolling mini game called RUN! RUN! Lancer. This was the main reason I decided to place my order on ANIPLEX+ Japan’s store rather than on the others like ufotable’s webshop or Amazon Japan.

This cool store exclusive bonus is a fun 8-bit inspired video game where players use the up, down, left and right key functions to help Lancer pursue Assassin and try to score the longest distance run before the time runs out. A promotional video for this store exclusive bonus has been uploaded by team ladybug (creators of the game) onto youtube where you can get some previews of the gameplay.

Of course from the video above, it says you obviously won’t get the game in an arcade machine but rather access to it online in a cassette-size type packaging. Other requirements to play the full game according to the ANIPLEX+ BD listing page are:

  1. Login details with ANIPLEX+ Japan account
  2. Serial code card from the package to play (can only be used once)
  3. Only those who purchased the movie’s LE BD set from their purchase history will be granted access
  4. Must have internet access to play

That seems like a lot of restrictions just to play the game but since it’s an original ANIPLEX+ Japan store exclusive, I can see why since it’s main objective is to boost sales of the movie’s bluray release. According to the paper slip that comes with the bonus, buyers are directed to a special URL link on ANIPLEX+ Japan’s website that contains the full game. It’s here where the requirements above are applied to play.

Those who are curious about the game itself and just want to try it out can play a free demo version of it on a web browser from the link below. The demo version only has the 1st stage of the game playable.

RUN! RUN! Lancer Original Side Scrolling Mini Game (Free Demo Version)

I’ve taken screenshots of the games instructions from the web browser demo version as well.

Home Page

Entering Name Instructions

Game Instructions

Game Keypad Instructions

  • Up = Jump
  • Down = Sliding Under
  • Left = Boost
  • Right = Use Gae Bolg Weapon

High Score Technique Instructions

  • Blue Up Arrow = Use Jump Up Ahead
  • Yellow Forward Arrow = Use Sliding Under Up Ahead
  • Red Danger Warning 1 Exclamation Mark = Small Dangerous Object Up Ahead
  • Black Danger Warning 2 Exclamation Marks = Big Dangerous Object Up Ahead
  • Jumping At The Last Moment From The Edge & Landing With “Excellent” In Blue = Boost Gauge + 5
  • Jumping At The Last Moment From The Edge & Landing With “Excellent” In Rainbow = Boost Gauge + 10
  • Using Boost = Extends Time Limit By Adding An Additional 10 Seconds, Should Use Boost If Gauge Reaches Its Maximum

Also recorded video of my attempt of the game on the web browser demo version (with a look at the menu options too). It took me awhile to get the hang of the game at first but eventually I managed to become used to the keypad scrolls and using the high score technique to clear the stage faster and improving on my personal best score.

The highest I managed to get was 3,524 metres (on high speed instead of normal speed), of course that’s not impressive as the high score record holders as seen at the start of the video where some have gone over 10,000 metres!

In fact, there was actually a campaign on the web browser demo of the game from the 23rd of March, 2018 to the 15th of April, 2018 where Aniplex Japan was holding a competition on who could score the longest distance run from the game.

The top 5 players with the highest scores would receive the theatrical promotional poster of the movie as a present if they tweeted their scores, using the twitter button at the end of the game along with the hashtag “#ランランランサー”. I think I’ll just try and continue to beat my personal best score while playing the full version of the game lol. Might also make a separate blog post for it as well where I record video of me playing stage 2 and 3 just for those curious on the later stages.

Interestingly enough, there is another campaign that is still running as of this post that involves the purchase of this movie’s bluray release. This one is a joint campaign between the home video releases of the first Heaven’s Feel movie and the 1st volume release of Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan anime. Anyone who purchases both releases from the same store that is participating in the campaign will receive a special collaboration card featuring an exclusive artwork drawn by “TAa” along with a special recipe on it. A sample of the artwork can be seen below.

Needless to say, I’ve also put in my pre-order for the Emiya cooking anime bluray release as I also want this collaboration card and am interested in checking out the anime itself. This also means that I might be interested in importing future volumes of the bluray releases of Emiya-san Chi no Kyou no Gohan anime when they get listed. I definitely will be importing the next two Heaven’s Feel movies though to complete the planned trilogy movie series.


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