WWW.Working!! Limited Edition BD Volumes 1 & 2

New Year! New anime bluray imports from Japan! I’ve decided to go ahead and import the Japanese limited edition blu-ray volumes of the Working!! anime spin-off series “WWW.Working!!”. Got in the first two volumes today.

To be honest, I haven’t actually watched this spin off series yet but have read a bit of information about it. This is more like a case of me blind-buying the series partly because I was a fan of the original Working!! anime series and also because I wanted to get the live event footage of the last Wagnaria live event held back in May 2016 that celebrated the conclusion of the 3rd and final anime season of the original Working!! series. I predicted it was gonna be recorded and released on home video, but didn’t realise they’d only release it as a bonus disc for the 1st limited edition volume of the spin-off anime series! It is a smart marketing move though I gotta say to get fans of the original anime series to also buy the spin-off anime series’ home video release.

Volume 1

I had pre-ordered this 1st volume back in early November last year on ANIPLEX+ Japan’s website for their store exclusive bonus campaigns (onigiri mascots and a voice alarm clock) but this volume didn’t arrive at Tenso’s warehouse until mid-December despite it being released late November. I assume the earthquake that struck Japan one day before volume 1 was released might have affected it and delayed ANIPLEX+ Japan shipping it out, the good news though was that it seems like they gave free domestic shipping within Japan as an apology for the delay, which saved me 540 yen lol. This was also around the same time volume 2 was shipped out to Tenso so I decided to consolidate both volumes into one shipment, hence why this post has volumes 1 and 2 together!

Volume 1 contains just the 1st episode on the main feature disc (like all the previous 1st volume home video releases for the original Working!! anime series) as well as a bonus CD containing the opening and ending themes to the series (plus the off vocal karaoke versions). Kinda surprised there’s no character audio commentary bonus feature on the bluray when it was done for all three seasons of Working!! home video releases, and looking at the special features on the future volumes to be released, it appears there won’t be any at all.

The obis for the WWW.Working!! home video releases are quite different compared to most other Japanese anime home video releases.

I like the fact that it’s more like a fold-able paper slip with cutout holes that features the characters heads on the slipbox. The slipbox is also more like a smooth plastic box, not quite chipboard sturdy but secure enough to hold the amaray cases holding the discs. It’s also interesting that the size of the amaray cases are DVD-size instead of the more common BD-size cases that are used for most Aniplex anime releases these days.

The bonus blu-ray disc, featuring the Wagnaria live event held back in May 15th, 2016, “これでさいごだよっ! ワグナリア~初夏の大大大大感謝祭~” (Kore de Saigo dayo! Wagnaria~Shyoka no Dai Dai Dai Dai Kanshasai~) for the 3rd season of the original Working!! anime series.

It contains footage of the event running for a little over 3 hours in total! I’m actually watching it as I type up this post and the part where the cast members introduce themselves to the audience shows Hiroshi Kamiya kicking Ono Daisuke’s ass for taking too long with his speech lol. There’s a bonus feature on the disc containing digest footage of some of the supporting cast members doing an audio commentary on the event backstage as it was happening, before they themselves went on the main stage.

Also included is a mini booklet containing the episode synopsis for the first episode of WWW.Working!!, some information on the live event on the bonus disc, lyrics to the opening and ending themes, character bios and a special original comic.

Volume 2

Volume 2 contains episodes 2 and 3.

Plus a bonus blu-ray disc containing footage of a talk segment with some of the cast on the anime series (approximately 54 minutes) from a previous special event held back on September 4th, 2016 that had an advance screening of the first episode for the audience.

Like volume 1, a bonus mini booklet is included containing episode synopsis’s, character bios plus some small interviews with the cast and an editor’s note.

And the final item included in volume 2 is an application ticket for another special event for WWW.Working!! that will be held on April 16th, 2017. Two sessions are planned on that day for this event, a daytime and nighttime session, with each running for 45 minutes. The application ticket included in this volume is for the daytime session that will start at 1:15pm and finish at 2pm according to product listing details on the anime’s official website. The next volume release will contain the application ticket for the nighttime session for the event.

That concludes this blog post for the 2 volumes of WWW.Working!!, it’s pretty much the only new anime series I’m currently importing so far but the Fate/Grand Order TV special “First Order” anime is one I’m interested in buying, so I’ll also most likely import that too. That and I’m still considering on buying a few blu-ray boxsets of some old anime series I previously imported the Japanese DVD releases of.


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