Kara no Kyoukai / Garden Of Sinners – THE ANIMATION Artbook

Again, I haven’t been posting much lately but thought I’d actually make a blog post for the latest Kara no Kyoukai merchandise I got in. This time it’s “THE ANIMATION” artbook featuring a collection of artworks done by Tomonori Sudou who did the character designs for the anime movie series.

Was a bit surprised with the size of the artbook when I got it in. Looking at pictures of the artbook online, I was expecting a small thick book but it’s actually about the size of an A4 if not bigger. The artbook spans across 144 pages containing all the promotional artworks Tomonori Sudou had done for the movie series up til 2014 with a few pages of a small interview he did for the book. The ones that Takashi Takeuchi had done for the series are not included in this artbook given that it was focusing on just the artworks done to promote the anime movie series rather than the novels. His artworks can be found on the “Takashi Takeuchi Kara no Kyoukai Garden Of Sinners Complete Visual Collection + Mirai Fukuin Extra Chorus” artbook instead.

Below are a few selected artwork pages I’ve taken photos of for the post, most of which fans of the franchise would’ve already seen by now.

What was also nice in this artbook was that they included all the artworks that were used in exclusive merchandises and special events such as the Comiket exclusive radio DJCD series and Ufotable cafe promotional items. It’s amazing to see I’ve got many of them (not all though) in my Kara no Kyoukai collection and a reminder of the large amount of merchandise that has been produced for the franchise.

Even the promotional artworks for the 2009 and 2010 Awa Odori Festival events are included here.

A page featuring an interview with Tomonori Sudou.

And also an index page of all the artworks featured in this book towards the end, with information on what it was used for.

Those who had pre-ordered this artbook from Ufotable’s web shop back when it was on sale on the site also received a store exclusive bonus booklet featuring all the colour sketch line artworks used for the Japanese regular edition DVD releases of the movies. I got my copy off Yahoo Japan Auctions from a seller that included this booklet.

Overall, this is probably the best artbook for Kara no Kyoukai if one wants to see all the full colour promotional artworks done for the anime movie series that had been released up til 2014. The fact that it contains a lot of lesser known artworks used for exclusive merchandise and special events would be something fans of the franchise would greatly appreciate. It even compliments Takashi Takeuchi’s Kara no Kyoukai artwork collection should one purchase both this and Takashi’s artbook as the two artist’s different style can be noted when going through each one.

As for the blog, there have been a few things I wanted to make a post for but haven’t got much motivation to do it lately. I’m not going on a hiatus again but I don’t think I’ll be posting as frequently as I used to, added by the fact I’m not really buying much anime stuff anymore (there are some backlog merch stuff I’ve yet to post on the blog though). Had always aimed to make at least one post a month but now I think I’ll just make a post when I feel like it…and it’s not like I have much people reading or following this blog anyway lol, but if you’re one of the few that do then thank you! I hope you don’t mind the possible long gaps between each posts in the future :P.



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