Ano Hana Fes. Limited Edition Blu-ray Boxset! (February 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot Part 2)

A second post for this month! I haven’t been posting much lately (which can be blamed on my lack of motivation to post about anything other than the anime DVD/BD imports and merch I’ve bought) but probably gonna try posting more next month since the first Fate/ZERO blu-ray boxset will be released in March along with a number of Shana III stuff I’ve ordered that’s also released in that month.

Anyway, this afternoon I picked up my order of the limited edition boxset of the special Ano Hana Festival that was held in Chichibu Muse Park, Japan back in September 2011. The amazing amount of bonus physical contents is pretty astounding! Check it out after the cut.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

I honestly wasn’t expecting the box that holds all the contents to be pretty big (it’s around an A4 size) but once I actually looked at it I can see why.

 Inside the boxset the contents are the two BD discs for the festival, a 100 page book documenting the making of the festival to the actual day of recording, a set of 20 pinup illustrated drawing cards of the Ano Hana characters, the Ano Hana Fes. pass badge and lanyard that was given to the attendees on that day and the exclusive Ano Hana Fes. phone strap.

 I also took a selected few photos of the 100 page book.

 A clear A3 poster was also included from the manufacturers for those who pre-ordered the set very early on. On top of that, it also contains the autographs signed by the main cast of the Ano Hana anime series.

 If you’ve seen the Wagnaria ~Natsu no Daikanshasai~ festival for the “Working!!” anime series, then you’ll probably have an idea that the Ano Hana Fes. is pretty similar to it in that they have cast interviews on their favourite scenes or shots from the anime, role-playing games, acting out scenes using their character’s voices and also performances of the OP & ED. In addition to all that, this event also had a fireworks display to keep in theme of the anime’s storyline.

Well, that’s it for this post. I hope you enjoyed/drooled at the photos lol. I am looking forward to the day that I will receive box 1 of the Fate/ZERO anime as that set also contains an impressive amount of bonus materials that is waiting to be photographed :P.

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15 responses to “Ano Hana Fes. Limited Edition Blu-ray Boxset! (February 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot Part 2)

  1. Just finished watching Anohana and cried a river! I so would love to get my hands on this “festival boxset” especially since the event took place on my birthday! lol Do you know where I can score one of these sets or at least the bonus swag that was included with it? Also, I know this is kind of a stretch, but do you know where I might still be able to get one of those posters with the cast signatures on it? I would be willing to part with some money for one…:)


  2. one question though, u mean that the poster will be included in all but for signed poster is only for some japanese retailers is that correct… and also, how to buy the official t-shirt of the one they are wearing when they sing the last part on stage??


    • No, the signed poster was only included as a limited manufacturer’s bonus given out at Japanese retailers like Animate and Gamers (who don’t ship internationally). The main listed bonuses on the DVD/BD boxset’s packaging does not have any poster at all.

      I haven’t bothered looking for the Ano Hana Fes T-shirt but you can try searching for it on Yahoo Japan Auctions and getting it through a proxy service like Noppin or Goody Japan.


  3. thanks… and 1 more thing i wanna ask, does the dvd have english subs to it?? coz i scare that although i bought it, the interview and i think have 1 script reading session i don understand wad are they talking bout….


  4. are u japanese?? how u understand.. O.O??
    i so wanted to noe wad are they talking bout and ai kayano is so damn cute!!!! i wanna noe wad she say!!!



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