Shakugan no Shana III Comiket 81 Loot (Plus Others)

More anime loots! XD. Well, a few of these items were in storage for a few months in Japan until I requested shipping for them last week.

 All of the Shana stuff, besides the CD single for Mami Kawada’s OP “Serment”, are from Comiket 81. There wasn’t really much in terms of Shana merch being sold at that most recent Comiket but I’m not too surprised given how its popularity has died down quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in collecting more stuff from the franchise though! :P.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

First lot of Shana merch pics are items sold by GooGooDept at Comiket. The set sold by them includes two clearfiles, two IC card stickers and a B3-size calendar poster.

 Next is a photo set sold at the Rondo Robe booth. It contains 5 pocket photos printed in very high quality and a red folder which I think can be used as a stand to display on the of the photos.

 Also got got in the set of two pin badges also sold from the Rondo Robe booth. It was also lucky timing that my order of the series’ 3rd season’s 2nd OP “Serment” by Mami Kawada arrived the same day I got in this loot. I also found out that there’s currently a manufacturer’s campaign running where those who buy both the LE CD singles for “Serment” and ALTIMA’s 2nd ED “One” will receive a special bonus DVD! It will contain the making of the PV’s for both songs and interviews with Mami Kawada and ALTIMA. I hope the behind the scenes footage will be a lot longer than the ones that are already on the CD single’s bonus DVD or have completely new footage.

 The Shana III guide book was also included by the seller where I got the badge set and basically contains information and advertisements across the franchise but also includes interviews with the VAs, Satoshi Hino, Rie Kugumiya & Ayako Kawasumi. It was actually just a free item that could be picked up from anime retailers in Japan and was also available at Comiket as well. The last two pages are the most interesting as it contains the most current up to date character relationship chart.

Moving on from Shana, I got in part 1 of the key animation line art sketch collection of Kara no Kyoukai’s 7th movie “Satsujin Kousatsu (Part 2)”, part 2 had already been acquired ages ago. This was the only book that I had not yet obtained until now as I got in all the other key animation book collections for the rest of the movies about a year ago as well, so now I have every single key animation books for Kara no Kyoukai! 😛 I guess I should look into completing my e-conte storyboard book collection for this soon too as the only ones remaining to get are for the 6tth and 7th movie.

And to add to my ever growing store exclusive items, I got in the Gamers’ version of the bonus drama CD given out to those who had purchased all 7 LE R2J DVD volumes of the first season of Working!! from them. The only one I’m now missing is the Toranoana version drama CD, which I doubt I’ll be able to get anytime soon as it’s the rarest out of the 4 store exclusive drama CDs and hardly pops up on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

It’s gonna be even more daunting since the four major anime retailers in Japan (Animate, Gamers, Toranoana & Sofmap) are currently running the same campaign again for the whole LE DVD/BD volume purchases of season 2 for their own store exclusive version of the bonus drama CD. So there’s EIGHT store exclusive drama CDs for the Working!! franchise. Yikes! The only one I’m guaranteed to get from the 2nd season is Animate’s since I’m importing all the LE BD volumes from them.

Moving onto the final lot of this loot. Some painted-cels from the early 90’s parody OVA of Bubblegum Crisis, Genesis Survivor Gaiarth & Gall Force “Scramble Wars”. I have some other cels from this OVA that I got a few years ago but it’s been ages since I last saw any of these pop up on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Mainly collecting this for the nostalgia and my Scramble Wars collection, not sure how much it’s worth over in the western world these days or among the Bubblegum Crisis fans though.

 And another loot post done! Still not looking forward for the next 2 expensive months…

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