My Shana Figure Army Grows!

The 1/8 PVC casual and strawberry milk version of Chara-Ani’s Shana figures arrived yesterday! Had work so couldn’t make a post about it as soon as came in but now I can finally do it. It’s been awhile since I’ve last bought any Shana figures to add to my collection (over 50 from last count) but when these were announced when the third season of the Shana anime series began airing in Japan I knew I had to get them.

Shakugan no Shana III - Chara-Ani 1/8 PVC Casual Ver. & Strawberry Milk Ver.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Photo spamming! 😛

Casual Version

To be honest, I’m not too sure the combination of the black stocking and dark navy blue skirt for this version really works but the pink bow-tie is the one part of this model that I really like as it matches very well with the white dress shirt and completes the overall image.

 Strawberry Milk Version

I find this one to be the better of the two as the colour scheme for the outfit looks more appealing with its lightness. I think it would’ve looked even better had Shana’s hair been red in this one instead of black.

 I did mention in my other post about these figures that they’re basically the same models as the 1/8 PVC figures from Solid Work’s/Toy’s Works, which was also released in three different versions way back in 2007 (Noir, Ceremony & Wedding versions),  just that the outfits have obviously been re-painted in different colour schemes.

 So yeah, I have ALL FIVE versions of this model :P. Wonder if there’s been any other scale figures that have this many different versions of the same outfit? XD. If I had to choose one that looked the best out of these five, then it would probably be the Strawberry Milk version though the Ceremony version (one on the far right) comes as a close second with its contrasting dark colour scheme for the outfit yet still has its appeal with the overall image.

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