February 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot (Part 1) (AKA Part 2 Of January 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot)

And yet another anime BD loot post that was supposed to have arrived by the end of last month! Not even gonna bother explaining why and just going straight to the pics!


Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Volume 5 of Baka Test 2 and nope I still haven’t actually started watching season 2 yet! 😛 I’ll probably do it when the next volume arrives (which is the final volume).

Volume 2 of Shana III. The special bonus disc contains the new Shana-tan short “Final Destruction”, interviews with Rie Kugumiya, Satoshi Hino & Ayako Kawasumi, clean OP & ED and the promotional video used for the 3rd season before it began airing in Japan.

 And lastly, volume 4 limited edition of Working’!!.

 My wallet will be hit pretty hard later this month and it will run straight through March as a whole bunch of Shana III merchandise which I’ve pre-ordered are being released around that time (that’s including the two new PVC figures from Chara-Ani). March will include the first Fate/ZERO blu-ray boxset coming out in addition to the current line of series I’m importing. Yikes!

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