The Return of Shana! (Merchandise Collectively Speaking)

I haven’t really got this much Shana merch in for awhile now, but I have a feeling that will change throughout the 3rd anime season’s airing in Japan as more stuff will probably be announced. This lot was pre-ordered a few months ago and have only just arrived since the majority of them were released at the end of September. Have to say though, most of them were bought out of impulse when I came across the listings on AmiAmi. I guess my excitement for the 3rd season probably had something to do with it…

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

First up is a pillow cover. Pillow covers aren’t generally a huge interest for me but this I decided to get it anyway since it’s Shana lol. It’s the first (and probably will be the only one) I’ve bought from the franchise. Don’t think I’ll actually be using it either as this is more for collection purposes.

 Next is a cushion. Pretty surprised this came in a vacuum sealed bag….

 Once the bag has been unsealed and all the air has been let out. It’s actually about the same size as my Kara no Kyoukai cushion from Comiket 79’s Aniplex good’s set.

A messenger bag. This was actually released a few years ago around the time of season 2 but I never really noticed it until it was being re-released.

 Another cushion! But it’s a mini one however…

 Phone strap & clear bookmark set

 And finally, a mug cup with lid to add to my Shana mug collection (over 10 from the last count).

Really should try and start taking photos of my updated Shana collection but just the thought of pulling out all the items off the cabinet and out of my closet seems so much of a hassle with the huge amount I have lol. Actually, think it would be better if I did that once I’ve finished importing all 8 Japanese BD volumes of the 3rd season which won’t be until mid-next year. Still plenty of time.

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