New Shana 1/8 PVC Figures From Chara-Ani! (Up For Pre-orders!)

With the 3rd and final season of Shakugan no Shana due to air in 2 days in Japan, it’s no surprise a whole new wave of Shana merchandise have been released (in fact I have a whole bunch of Shana merch that should arrive in about a week from AmiAmi). Chara-Ani have already listed two new 1/8 PVC scale figures that is going to be released in late February next year and pre-orders are already up at various online shops including AmiAmi & CDJapan, needless to say I have already put in my pre-orders. Full pictures after the cut.

There will be two versions of Chara-Ani’s 1/8 PVC, a casual version and a strawberry milk version. Each figure will retail for 5,980 yen but you can currently pre-order it over at AmiAmi with a 16% discount price of 4,770 yen. I’ve put in pre-orders for both versions being the Shana collector fanatic I am lol.

Casual Version (AmiAmi Link)

More pictures an be found over at Chara-Ani’s product listing page

 Strawberry Milk Version (AmiAmi Link)

More pictures over at Chara-Ani’s product listing page

Also, the December 2011 issue of Dengeki Daioh magazine will come with a bonus 2.5 inch mini figure of Shana. Have also pre-ordered that XD.

Dengeki Daioh Magazine December 2011 Issue Bonus 2.5 Inch Shana Figure (AmiAmi Link)

 I’m sure those who have also been collecting Shana figures might recognise that Chara-Ani’s 1/8 PVC are just basically recoloured versions of Toy’s Works’ 1/8 PVC that also came in 3 different versions (Noir, Wedding & Ceremony). I know it seems rather lazy but seeing how I have also managed to collect all 3 versions of that, I might as well get the two Chara-Ani versions to complete the set. Kinda crazy to think there are actually 5 versions of the same figure…have yet to even open the Ceremony version since I don’t seem to have anymore space to put it up for display, time to consider buying a detolf I guess.

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