Fate/ZERO Ending Theme “MEMORIA” CD Single Loot

Been awhile since I did another post but here’s a special mini Fate/ZERO loot on its ending theme “MEMORIA”.

 I actually received this yesterday afternoon and was gonna post it last night, however, I had went to the Janet Jackson dance workshop as well (which was great!) which left me quite exhausted after so had to put this on the back burner but here it is.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

It was quite hard for me to actually decide which edition I was going to buy since each one (limited CD/DVD, limited anime CD/DVD pressing and regular editions) had something exclusive for it, so in the end I thought “screw it! I’ll just buy all three!” lol.

Limited CD/DVD Edition

 Obviously this edition contains a bonus DVD that has the music video for “MEMORIA” and a TV commercial spot for it, it also has a special TYPE A wide cap sticker of the Fate/ZERO anime.

Regular Edition

 Normally I don’t bother with regular editions of anime CD singles unless it has something exclusive only to its release and this is one of the few times where it does have something unique for it, special TYPE B wide cap sticker of the Fate/ZERO anime ahaha.

Limited Anime CD/DVD Cover Pressing

 This edition contained a bonus DVD that just has a promotional movie for the Fate/ZERO anime series, also the TV-size of the ending theme takes over the place where the instrumental of “MEMORIA” would be that’s on both the regualr and limited CD/DVD edition. All three editions also contained the same special first press bonus poster of Fate/ZERO. I’ve already given one to my little sister and keeping the other two.

I’ve yet to order the OP for Fate/ZERO but thankfully there’s only two editions instead of three like the ED so it should be a little easier on my wallet.

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