CD Special Loot Post!

I would’ve posted this along with the latest BD imports I got in but felt it deserved its own separate post. Completed my collection of the character song menu singles from Working!! plus received the opening theme for Carnival Phantasm season 1 “Super Affection”. More pics after the cut.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

 There are 7 character song menus in this collection and those who purchased all 7 would receive the manufacturer’s special bonus artbox to hold all the CDs together. Strange how Kyoko didn’t get one lol. Haven’t listened to all of them yet but out of the ones I have listened to, Souma’s “not so bad” is the best one so far. The music really complements Hiroshi Kamiya’s voice and he appears to be able to carry a tune unlike some of the others…

Now for pictures of the manufacturer’s special bonus artbox.

The opening theme “Super Affection” for Carnival Phantasm. It also came with Animate’s store exclusive glossy bromide. I actually prefer the 2nd track on the CD single “Fly High ~Tsubasa no Kioku~” as it sounds much better than the OP.

 Just a funny TYPE-MOON in-joke pic from the inner side of the obi strip.

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