August 2011 DVD/BD Import Loot (Part 1)

Picked up volumes 6 of Index II and the final volume 8 for Ore no Imouto today which came with Animate’s store exclusive artbox. Had some very interesting yet worrying tracking status details when I was monitoring the package being sent from Tenso to my home address, a first actually since all my previous parcels sent by them arrived with no problems but this latest one gave me a scare although everything was okay in the end.

I’ve had maybe about a dozen previous parcels sent by Tenso that made it through without a hitch over the past few months, so it was quite a worry for me when the EMS tracking details by Auspost came up with “returned to facility” shortly after it arrived in the country. What that usually means is that the address the parcel is supposed to be delivered to could not be located and thus would have to be sent back to the sender. Needless to say my mind was quite confused when I read that tracking update and got quite a bit angry, surely it was mistake by the Auspost processing facility isn’t it? I mean, all my address details was up to date and correct with Tenso so I pretty much doubted it had been their fault judging by all the previous parcels I’ve received from them using the same address. Then again, perhaps maybe a staff member did mix up my address with another one? It is possible seeing how someone who bought a few items from Mandarake got their items sent to the wrong address (they did get their item in the end after the person who also bought from Mandarake received it and sent it back to them for it to be sent to the correct person), after thinking about it I decided to send off an email to Tenso the next morning anyway as a precaution.

It wasn’t until the next morning when I looked at Auspost’s online tracking details again that I saw the parcel had been processed, onboard with a courier and had been attempted to be delivered at 9am that morning but no one was home! WTF? Now first of all, I was up way before 9am and second, my apartment has an intercom phone (which WORKS AND IS NOT BROKEN) for people to ring, the phone also has a very loud noise to it whenever someone does ring so I definitely would’ve heard it even if I was blasting loud music or taking a shower. So did I hear anyone ringing at 9am? NOPE, NOTHING! Very strange indeed. Not only that, the location that was given of where the parcel had been attempted to be delivered to was a vague “City Parcel Delivery”, all my previous Tenso parcels had the location of my local post office (which is not in the city and neither is my apartment) if it was transferred to them by the courier and was awaiting collection. My plan was to wait for Tenso’s reply before calling up Auspost’s customer service line but my instinct told me to make the call to Auspost as they were most likely the culprit, and so I did.

Had a very helpful guy on the line who did look up the EMS tracking number I was given by Tenso and basically repeated what was shown on the tracking details. Told him about the confusing details, how it was gonna be sent back to the sender and then had been attempted to be delivered in the city which I don’t live in (I live near the city but not in it) and that I didn’t hear anyone ringing over the intercom phone to let me know I had a parcel delivery in the first place. It was then that the guy told me he’d call up the contracted courier that delivers parcels within my area to see if he had it in his truck after getting my name and address details (probably to check if there was any parcels that matched it). About 30 seconds later, he came back on the line and said the parcel has been carded and would be transferred to my local post office for collection. AHA! So it was Auspost after all! How stressing! All those confusing tracking details! The helpful guy on the line did say he hoped the parcel would have a sheet with an explanation for all the confusion when I go to pick it up but not surprisingly, there wasn’t any.

Surely if I hadn’t called up Auspost then my parcel would’ve probably been returned to their main processing warehouse and stored away for god knows how long, and then with the pickup cards being sent to somewhere in the city I don’t live in (judging by where the attempted delivery was done at) until it finally gets sent back to Tenso because no one went to pick it up. Even if someone did get the cards, they wouldn’t be able to get it seeing how EMS parcels at Australia Post offices requires ID checking and a signature, so they would probably throw it away and like I said the parcel would then get sent back.

Given how rampant the bad attitudes of most of Auspost’s contracted couriers have been over the past few years to how they deliver parcels, I wouldn’t be surprised if this latest of mine got caught up in it, but it doesn’t explain why after it had been cleared by customs it had “returned to facility” in the first place when my address on the parcel was all correct! Now I don’t particularly mind having to pick them up from the post office once I see it had been “attempted” to be delivered to me with the online tracking but I do mind being given wrong tracking details that causes unnecessary worrying and stress!

Oh well, now that I’ve had my little rant I guess posting photos of my latest anime BD imports should change the mood. Hopefully this is just a once off mixup by Auspost and I don’t run into this mess again with the next parcel.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Ore no Imouto – Volume 8 (Limited Edition) (FINAL) (Japanese Blu-ray)

Ore no Imouto – Animate’s Store Exclusive DVD/BD Artbox

Kinda funny yet weird that they’d use Kuroneko for the artwork on the box but judging by the image, it feels like it’s purposely having a play on the title with Kuroneko’s sitting position, pose and outfit and yet also deceiving those who haven’t seen the anime or read the light novels that the series’ actual focus is on Kirino. I’m curious as to what type of Kuroneko artwork Gamers used for their own exclusive artbox campaign after looking at this one, no doubt it’d most likely pop up on Yahoo Japan Auctions and sell for quite an amount.

Ore no Imouto BD Boxset Collection

It looks pretty colourful and yet also looks kinda…childish? I don’t know, maybe the unique colours for each BD volume added with the artwork and strawberries somehow makes it look like it’s an elementary school series.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II – Volume 6 (Limited Edition) (Japanese Blu-ray)

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2 responses to “August 2011 DVD/BD Import Loot (Part 1)

  1. Everytime you get new anime blu-rays, I get envious! Another nice get as usual. Hopefully I can start collecting blu-rays in the future

    I remember having a similar problem as you. I was tracking my package and they said they delivered my parcel and said it was “delivered” on the tracking but I was like … So I paid a visit to the post office. Then they checked their system and it seemed it was in a different part of town, about 1-2hrs from where I am. Then the post office person checked if they have received any packages with my tracking number and it turns out, it was there, in the post office. I wonder if I had never taken the initiative to ask them, would they have ever bothered contacting me? lol


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