Type-Moon Comiket 80 Goods Preview

With Japan’s 80th Comic Market due to start in 2 days, I decided to have a look at what sort of goods will be on sale from Type-Moon & Ufotable and as expected there are some tempting merchandise and some must buys for me.

Here are the following things that will be available to buy at Comiket 80.

Carnival Phantasm Season 1 BD/DVD

As mentioned in an earlier post, Carnival Phantasm will be on sale 2 days early at Comiket 80 and those who purchase it there will receive an exclusive telephone card set.

Type-Moon Voice Phantasm Radio DJCD 「ひびちからじお」アーネンエルベでお待ちしてます

Aniplex FATE/ZERO Holy Grail Starter Set

WOW! This particular set looks tempting to buy. It will include a t-shirt with an original artwork design, a 20 page rough sketch collection book, special talk after-recording CD and exclusive B3 size showbag containing FATE/ZERO promotional artwork.

Ufotable FATE/ZERO Bookmark Set

This is another item I’m tempted to get as I like the variety of character artworks and colours, plus the cool look of it!

Ufotable Kara no Kyoukai Uchiwa Fan

As you would know how much of a Kara no Kyoukai fanatic I am this is a must buy for me. It is limited to only 1000 made like most of their previous Comiket exclusive goods.

Ufotable Kara no Kyoukai Hand Towel

The other Kara no Kyoukai item I must get! Also limited to only 1000 made.

COSPA Saber Shirt

COSPA Saber Messenger Bag

COSPA Graphig Fate/Stay Night Paper Models

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