Kara no Kyoukai / Garden Of Sinners Happy Birthday Shiki 2016 Ufotable Merchandise Loot!

This has been one long delayed set of goods to come in but it’s finally arrived! The 2016 Happy Birthday Shiki merchandise originally sold on Ufotable’s web shop and dining and cafe restaurants in Japan.

Back in February this year, these set of merchandise goods were announced for pre-order to celebrate Ryougi Shiki’s birthday (February 17th) from Ufotable on their web shop and cafe and dining restaurants. Starting from the 17th, pre-orders ran for only a week with it closing on the 24th and the goods being shipped in late April. There was a promotional page on Ufotable cafe’s 15th anniversary website detailing what sort of goods were available for pre-order. These included:

*Big Life-Size Tapestry (1700mm x 800mm) – 15,000 yen – Originally limited to only 50 available sold at the cafe and dining restaurants but were then available to be ordered on Ufotable’s web shop via a waiting list due to popular demand.

*Cushion Cover (450mm x 450mm) – 2,800 yen

*Glass Tumbler (435ml) – 1,500 yen

*T-Shirt (Large Size Only) – 7,500 yen – I would’ve ordered the small size had it been available.

*Table Liner (1050mm x 300mm) – 2,500 yen

An exclusive postcard was also given out at Ufotable Dining & Cafe restaurants for people who purchased the Ryougi Shiki Birthday menu items during the promotion at that time.

I pre-ordered all of the items, except for the big life-size tapestry, via Noppin’s shop order service and also obtained the exclusive postcard on Yahoo Japan Auctions. I would’ve included the tapestry in the order too but Noppin refused to order items that are on a waiting list, so I was left to obtain that via Yahoo Japan Auctions again which is still waiting to be sent from the seller. I was hoping to include the tapestry with this lot so every item from this Happy Birthday Shiki goods would be shown, but seeing as it’s still awaiting shipment from the seller in Japan and the storage limit for the other items in Noppin’s warehouse were about to run out, it was about time to get them shipped to me anyway with or without it. (Hence why this loot was delayed and was supposed to have come in last month lol)

Table Liner

Cushion Cover

Full Graphic T-Shirt

Glass Tumbler

Exclusive Postcard

With the glass tumbler, I’ve made room for it to be displayed in my Kara no Kyoukai collection glass cabinet. Had to move the wine glass to the left side in order to have the glass tumbler in the centre on the second shelf. At least the design stays consistent with the other glass tumblers around it lol.

Some of these Shiki birthday goods have popped up for sale on Yahoo Japan Auctions with some markup prices due to its limited availability from the short pre-order period, although I have yet to see the glass tumbler on there, which makes me glad I pre-ordered the majority of the goods as otherwise I’d be stuck waiting to see if that glass tumbler would ever pop up! Would hate to have one item missing from the set and no definite guarantee of ever being to able buy it.



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