UNBOXING | Kara no Kyoukai / Garden Of Sinners ANIPLEX+ Exclusive: Ryougi Shiki 1/7 Scale Figure

I haven’t been excited in getting in any anime figure in years! Well mainly because I haven’t really bought much at all but this latest Kara no Kyoukai / Garden Of Sinners ANIPLEX+ exclusive is one that was definitely on my to buy list ever since it was first announced. I’ve been so excited for it that I’ve even made my first ever anime figure unboxing video for the blog once I got it in! 😀

Released on April 16th, 2016, this 1/7 scale figure of Ryougi Shiki (sculpted by Hiraoka Masahiro and manufactured by “Stronger”) was available for pre-order for a limited time on ANIPLEX+ Japan’s website back in 2015. The initial pre-order period began on June 25th, 2015 til September 30th, 2015. Due to high demand however, ANIPLEX+ decided to allow people an extra two days in October 2015 (starting from the 10th-12th date) to submit in their pre-orders if they missed the original cut-off date. I submitted in my pre-order directly on the ANIPLEX+ site in September with my Tenso address shortly before the initial cut-off date, however people were able to order this from other anime hobby stores like Tokyo Otaku Mode and RightStuf International that also seemed to have a partnership deal with Aniplex in selling this figure worldwide.

As seen in the picture above, the model design of this figure is based on the promotional/key visual artwork that was used for the theatrical 3D re-release of the first film in Japanese cinemas. When the two are compared together, the figure appears to look even better than the artwork! The figure was also originally planned to be bundled with the 3D blu-ray release of the film but Aniplex decided to (thankfully) sell them separately. Had they gone through with selling the two together, then I assume the price would’ve been 20,000+ yen! Its release date was also pushed back to two weeks from the original late March estimate shipping date, which would’ve originally coincided closely with the film’s 3D blu-ray release.

Since I pre-ordered directly from ANIPLEX+, the price of the figure was the full RRP of 12,960 yen. Domestic shipping within Japan to Tenso was an additional 540 yen which meant the total price was 13,500 yen for me (approximately $165AUD). Add in the Tenso service fee and EMS shipping to Australia (3,500 yen) then it’s a little over $200AUD altogether! XD I’m sure others have probably managed to get it a little cheaper though from the other two retailers mentioned above, although I probably received the figure a little faster than some of the others who bought it from there.

I think the anticipation in receiving this figure felt more stressful than the price I got it for! Tenso posted it to me on Tuesday night and the package arrived in Australia early Friday morning. I assumed Australia Post would’ve tried to deliver it to me last Saturday since I’ve had previous parcels from Japan arrive in the country on a Friday and they still processed and delivered to me the very next day. However, it seemed like there may have been a big load of parcels to deliver because the online tracking for this one was still stuck at being processed at the delivery hub on Saturday afternoon and no delivery was scheduled for it on that day. This meant I had to wait an extra 2 days to receive the figure since Australia Post is closed on Sundays and Monday was a public holiday for Australia (ANZAC Day) which was also a day I had a full work shift on. Come Tuesday afternoon, the anxious wait for the figure felt worth it once it was in my hands! It’s probably one of, if not the, best Kara no Kyoukai figure I’ve seen.

It was already planned from me that this was going to get an unboxing video made, even if it was my first ever for an anime figure! 😛 Add to that, me talking in the video too despite how awkward and silent I get when doing these! XD Check it out below.

And here are photos of the amazing figure and its box packaging!

An instruction manual is also included in the box on how to attach the alternate knife with the water/death perception ring around Shiki. I actually didn’t know this was included until after I had taken photos of the figure and was packing up the box when I checked inside. Stupid me could’ve used it beforehand when I tried putting on that knife water ring and was having a little trouble in inserting it around the figure XD.

Even without the water ring, Shiki’s pose in this model design is pretty outstanding.

I think what really helps sell this figure’s pose is the hair and outfit. It really matches up to the original promotional artwork and just about every angle a photo of it is taken in illustrates an imaginary wind blowing against Shiki’s clothes and hair while she is in the middle of a fight.

This is probably my favourite photo taken for the figure. Stronger really did excel at painting Shiki’s Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Even the back view is pretty awesome!

The base of the figure is a plain black circular piece with a peg to hold Shiki’s figure. I know some are concerned that due to the pose of the figure, Shiki may end up with leaning issues. This is basically the first scale figure I’ve ever got that holds up its pose on only one leg so I’m not too sure if this particular pose would succumb to it, however, I have heard quality has improved a lot for figures in similar poses where it balances on one leg or object and don’t suffer any of those issues anymore. Hopefully that has also been worked on with this Shiki figure.

Base had a very shiny look though that you can see a full reflection on the surface!

And here are pics of Shiki with the water ring knife. Based on the promotional image, I assume the red parts of the ring is meant to represent the death lines as she’s cutting through the water.

Close up shots of the ring also shows some details of little red and white water droplets on it.

It seemed like my screensaver on the PC monitor also changed its coloured swirls to red just as I took this shot, which makes it appear to compliment the figure making it look like a death line Shiki is cutting into lol.

Once I finished taking photos of the figure, I had to find space for it in my Kara no Kyoukai display cabinet for display. Managed to squeeze both the Good Smile Company Garan no Dou & Kotobukiya Mirai Fukuin Shiki scale figures onto the acrylic platforms at the back to make space for this one being placed in the centre of the display.

And a picture of my Kara no Kyoukai scale figure collection with the glass doors closed! XD You can tell the ANIPLEX+ exclusive scale figure is the most eye-catching one purely based on the pose and water ring! And it’d probably still be even if it wasn’t placed in the centre.

Maybe I should hope that no more scale figures are made for the Kara no Kyoukai franchise seeing how I’m running out of space in the glass display cabinet! That or save up and somehow try and find another glass display cabinet? Hahaha well it would give my wallet some relief for awhile. I am looking into purchasing a display turntable though for possible future figure purchases where I can do better unboxing videos and reviews, plus it would look pretty cool to have the figure rotate by itself on the display while I do my talking. I don’t know how much more merchandise the other areas of this glass display cabinet can hold but I’m gonna have to try and find a way, since I’ll be getting a number of Happy Birthday Ryougi Shiki merchandise goods shipped next month that I pre-ordered on Ufotable’s webshop back in February. Should be interesting :P.



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