Working!!! (Wagnaria Season 3) – Limited Edition BD SP Volume (Lord Of The Takanashi) (Final)

A little over 2 weeks late since its release but it’s finally here! The JP LE BD volume of the Working!!! SP 1 hour finale episode.

The final volume needed to complete my imports of the 3rd season of Working!!. I didn’t actually pre-order this but only just bought it about 4 days ago on Amazon Japan seeing how there wasn’t really any store exclusives running for the release of this final volume. As already mentioned, this final volume contains the special 1 hour finale episode, Lord Of The Takanashi, aired back during Christmas time in 2015. I still have yet to complete watching all the episodes for this 3rd season of Working!! though intend to do it sometime within the next few months.

There is no character commentary on this volume but it does contain the non-credit version of the ending video of this episode as well as a bunch of commercial TV spots and character trailer collection.

A bonus CD also comes with this volume titled 宗太とまひるのワグナリア休憩室 (Souta and Mahiru’s Wagnaria “Restroom”) which was a radio show Jun Fukuyama (Souta) and Saki Fujita (Mahiru) did shortly after the finale episode had aired. No, it isn’t the restroom that you’re thinking of but more the type of lounge room to relax from according the kanjis, although both Jun and Saki did laugh at the title of the radio program thinking it was kinda weird.

The radio program on the CD runs for 1 hour and 17 minutes with Jun Fukuyama and Saki Fujita talking a lot about working on the Working!! series over the years, discussions about their characters and the recording of it, the Wagnaria live events as well as various other things like a game making up nicknames for the Wagnaria characters and imagining alternate universe settings for the anime. Ryo Hirohashi (Aoi Yamada) also pops in as a special guest joining the two in their talk. I did find it intriguing that early on in the program both Jun and Saki were wondering if any young fans had grown up along with the anime series when it started back in 2010, particularly kids from primary school growing up into middle to senior high school and still following the anime series all this time. That made me realise that the anime series has been running for 5-6 years over the three seasons!

You can listen to the entire program (if you know Japanese well enough lol) below. It wasn’t uploaded by me though but from probably a fan who also bought the BD.

An application ticket is also included for the next and final Wagnaria live event titled これでさいごだよっ! ワグナリア~初夏の大大大大感謝祭~ (Kore de Saigo dayo! Wagnaria~Shyoka no Dai Dai Dai Dai Kanshasai~) that will be held on the 15th of May, 2016.

A new key visual for the event was released recently too.


Good news for this event too as Hiroshi Kamiya (Souma) is confirmed to attend this live event along with all of the main cast members. He was not able to make it for the previous Wagnaria live event shortly before the 3rd anime season began airing in Japan but him being present for this upcoming one should be very fun and energetic! Also interesting is that a live viewing stream of the event will also be available for purchase for those who cannot attend or were unsuccessful in the application. I’m not sure if the previous ones did this though but no doubt this final Wagnaria live event will be recorded and released on DVD and blu-ray in the future (or at least I hope it will be). I’m already set to import the blu-ray release of it should it get released in the future to complete all the live Wagnaria events DVD and BDs I’ve bought.

But anyway, I have now completed importing season 3 of Wagnaria and the box is now complete! . Still plan to do a collection post on all the Working!! / Wagnaria stuff I’ve got sometime soon!

Will probably also check out the WWW. Working!! anime when it comes out before deciding whether to import the JP BD volumes of the series or not. Also still 50/50 on whether to import the Working!! & Servant x Servant crossover live event BD or not.



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