Working!!! (Wagnaria Season 3) – Limited Edition BD Volume 7

Picked up my package for the Japanese import volume 7 LE BD of Working!!! / Wagnaria Season 3 yesterday from the post office along with the ANIPLEX+ Japan store exclusives. Almost completed for this set!

The 2nd last volume for the 3rd anime season of Working!! / Wagnaria. Contains episodes 12 and 13 and the usual character commentaries. Souta, Inami and Poplar provide the character commentary on the 13th episode on this volume and like the previous volume, I haven’t listened to it yet.

Unlike the majority of the bonus CDs in the previous volumes where they were just the opening and ending themes featuring solo character vocals with some mini soundtracks, the bonus CD for this volume is a drama CD entitled,「ある風邪の日に」(“A Certain Cold On That Day”), featuring all the main cast in the story. Also haven’t listened to it yet but planning to soon.

A default manufacturer’s artbox was included with this volume. It was given out at participating retailers (Animate, Gamers, Sofmap, etc) for those who bought volumes 1-7 of the limited edition DVD/BD and actually has space to store the final Working!!! SP volume too!

And as mentioned a few times in the previous volume blog posts, the 2nd set of ANIPLEX+ Japan store exclusives are included with this.

First up is the 2nd set of plush mascots, Yachiyo and Yamada. These were given out in a campaign for people who bought volumes 5-7. The first set was Poplar and Inami for people who bought volumes 1-4; which you can find pictures of on the 4th volume LE BD post.

Yamada Plush Mascot

Yachiyo Plush Mascot

It’s probably the flash from the camera…or it may be not, but it seems like they got the hair colour wrong for Yachiyo’s plush mascot as she looks blonde, whereas in the anime I always see her hair colour has a more bright sandy brown colour. In any case, she kinda looks weird with blonde hair as I’m more used to the bright sandy colour tone she has in the anime.

Next up is the crutch bag, given out for those who bought volumes 1-7. I wasn’t expecting it to be so big though that you can almost wear it as an apron!

And finally, the exclusive “Otsukare Sama” book. Given out to those who bought volumes 1-7. It’s a 36 page staff memory/message collection book containing thank-you messages and artworks from the production staff as well as the seiyuus.

Took a few selected sample pics for you readers to see.

I’m thinking of taking pictures of my JP imports of all three seasons of Working!! after I get in the final Working!!! SP volume next month, but might delay it if I choose to import the Working!! & Servant x Servant crossover live event BD that was released back in 2014. I’ve imported the other previous Wagnaria live events but held back on this one because it’s a joint event with the cast of Servant x Servant and I haven’t seen that anime series yet. That and the fact that another Wagnaria live event is planned on 15th May this year (and possibly released on DVD and blu-ray in the future) as application tickets are being included on the final SP volume for it that will be released at the end of next month. Well at least I can say that I will have finally completed importing all the volumes for the 3rd anime season of Working!! once I get in that final SP volume! 😛



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