Working!!! (Wagnaria Season 3) – Limited Edition BD Volume 4

Still kinda busy at the moment with various stuff going on in my personal life but it’s about time to make a post on the 4th limited edition blu-ray volume of Working!!!

Picked this up a few days ago but didn’t really have time to post about it until now.

Volume 4 comes with a bonus CD containing the anime’s opening theme featuring solo vocals by Poplar as well as the ending theme featuring solo vocals by Souma.

In addition there is a 10 track mini soundtrack on the CD.

The character audio commentary on episode 7 features Souma, Aoi and Kirio and a lot of banter occurs between the three of them. Most of the time it’s Aoi saying Souma is the only brother she considers to have as well as the Yamada siblings stating Souma can become part of their family…much to Souma’s reluctance XD.

As mentioned in the previous BD import post for Working!!!, volume 4 comes with two ANIPLEX+ store exclusive plush mascots! Poplar and Inami!

These were included from ANIPLEX+ online store campaign if you bought volumes 1-4 from them before the pre-order cut off dates. Yamada and Yachiyo are planned as the plush mascot for the next set for those who buy volumes 5-7.

Photos of Poplar plush mascot.

Photos of Inami plush mascot.

This volume was actually rather endearing and surprisingly good in regards to the story surrounding Aoi Yamada’s character. I rarely talk about the episodes contained in the anime BD imports I get in but this one deserves one. I wasn’t really drawn to Yamada’s character from the previous two seasons, although the mystery to her situation (running away from home) and why she was staying at Wagnaria intrigued me to an extent. The two episodes in this volume pretty much explained her reasons why she ran away as well as giving some good insight into why she looks up to Souma as her older brother. I actually felt sympathetic for her here but it was good to see a brief resolution to Yamada’s dilemma with her mother making her appearance (although she doesn’t speak much) as well as her brother finally finding her. Bonus points for Yamada being able to bring Mr. Otoo’s wife, Haruna, to him at the end after many missed chances! XD

So anyway, I’m slowly getting closer to completing the blu-ray imports of Working!!!. I suspect there most likely will be at least one more BD announced for the final special 1 hour episode that is set to air during Christmas time this year, in addition to another possible Wagnaria live event home video release if there’s one being planned at the moment. Only 3 more volumes (plus a possible 4th for the TV finale special episode) to go for the series!


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