July 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot

My  anime DVD/BD purchases for this month mainly consists of just Ano Hana and Shana III. I actually held off from requesting shipping for the previous two volumes of both series since a big part of my funds was spent on acquiring all the Shana III lottery prizes from Taito Kuji Honpo, which was also why there was no posts of those imports last month.

The good news is that I’m nearing upon the completion of the BD releases for both of these series with only one more volume to go for Shana III and two for Ano Natsu.

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For once, I have actually started watching Ano Natsu as each volumes are released in Japan. So far I’ve gotten through the first 2 volumes and I find it okay, nothing amazing but certainly not bad so far. The opening theme has also begun to grow on me.

And with Shana, I’ve yet to pick up where I left off from (I think it was around episode 7 or 8) but still continued to get the rest of the volumes. Guess I probably won’t do it until I get the final volume in next month.

So like I mentioned before, these two series are almost complete with their BD releases and I haven’t really got any others that I’m interested in importing other than Shirokuma Cafe and the 2nd Fate/ZERO box. My funds will probably be freed up from the lack of BD imports within the next few months which means I can spend it on other anime (*cough*Shana*cough*) merchandise lol or maybe buying the BD re-releases of Kenshin OVAs, Clannad, Kimi ni Todoke and Kanon (and also Shana XD). Looking beyond that, the only anime BD import that I’ll be guaranteeing to buy will the 2nd epilogue movie of Kara no Kyoukai, “Mirai Fukuin”, which won’t be released until sometime late next year I presume.

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