Fate/ZERO Cookies! Servants Needs Their Nourishment’s Too!

I guess most will probably see this as a novelty item and it pretty much is anyway, still as soon as I saw this being listed on Animate I was curious enough to buy it…in quantities of four!

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Really, the only other anime merchandise that I’ve bought before that would be as close to this would be the special Ano Hana sake from Bukou Brewery, other than that I don’t really buy any novelty anime food merchandise. Wasn’t even sure if these could be imported into Australia at first since the customs here can be quite strict on what types of foods can be brought into the country, but after giving a phone call to Australian customs I found that it was okay since these would be classified as biscuits which is fine (as long as it didn’t contain any sorts of cream on it).

Each can contains 10 cookies. Haven’t actually tasted any yet lol. It was also stated on Animate’s listing and at the bottom of the can that each cookie tin can contains 2 sticker seals of any of the 7 servants randomly inserted inside. I bought 4 to see if I’d be able to get all 7 seals of each servant and as you can see in the photo above, I managed to get 6 out of the 7. Not bad. The only one I’m missing is Archer while I’ve got duplicate copies of Rider and Saber. May look into buying another 2 or so if it’s still in stock at Animate next month to see if I can get him. It’ll also be interesting to see what I can use the cans for once the cookies are eaten, other than the obvious ones like using it as a pen holder or money bank.

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