More Shana Merchandise? Hell Yeah!

Seems like there is a never-ending wave of Shana merchandise being released! Even now when the anime has completed its airing in Japan and giving closure to the story, new merchandise seems to be getting announced regularly. Of course as a hardcore Shana collector I was interested in getting just some of the new stuff coming out, not all of it of course!

Also gotta mention that I got in Toranoana’s store exclusive wallscroll of Fate/ZERO that came with their edition of the first BD boxset.

Pictures can be enlarge by right-clicking “View Image”

The two new coffee mugs for Shana III. I guess this takes my total collection of Shana coffee mugs to 13-14?  (don’t really remember anymore) That’s not counting the coffee tumblers though! :P.  Even though I doubt I’ll ever actually use any of the mugs I still like to collect them, for they would make a great display when I move out and find my own place!

The B2-size wallscroll for one of the first artworks used to promote the 3rd season of Shana. As expected, the quality of Japanese wallscrolls usually seem to be far superior to the US-licensed ones as the fabrics and materials used are much better, and you can tell straight away from looking at it in person as this wallscroll used shiny silk to display the artwork.

Final item from this Shana loot is a clear A3 desk mat. Only bought this for the nice artwork and cheap price lol.

And as mentioned at the start, I got Toranoana’s store exclusive bonus wallscroll of Fate/ZERO from their release of the first BD boxset. Like the Shana wallscroll, this one is also high quality using satin fabric instead silk.

I actually got this from eBay as a seller living Japan seemed to have bought the boxset from Toranoana with their exclusives and decided to put them up for sale. Guess I’m rather lucky I got it quick as this wallscroll (along with the three others from Sofmap, Animate & Gamers) had been selling for around 6000-12,000 yen on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Might look into obtaining the ones from Gamers & Sofmap just to complete the store exclusive wallscrolls but it’s not a high priority for me, I’m just glad I got Toranoana’s wallscroll without the need of a deputy service as it would’ve been much more expensive than the eBay purchase had I got one from Yahoo Japan Auctions with all the fees added in.

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