April 2012 DVD/BD Import Loot

These had already arrived last week and I was planning to post them as soon as I got them in, but Supanova was also on the same weekend which I was more excited about attending so left these for a later time.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Ano Natsu de Matteru is the only new series I’m importing currently. I haven’t even started watching it yet but both the opening and ending themes really caught my attention right from the start when the promos were released before the series began airing in Japan, so basically it’s another series I’m blind buying. I’m aware that it’s reminiscent of the “Onegai Teacher/Twins” series (of which I have seen the latter) and will be curious to see just how much elements will bring back that nostalgia, musically anyway since that was one of my favourite aspects from “Onegai Twins”.

Volume 4 of Shakugan no Shana III. This volume now completes the filling of the first artbox that came with volume 1.

Volume 6 LE of Working’!!. Just one more volume then season 2 for the “Working!!” anime series will be complete.

The one item included in this volume I found interesting was a mini mock menu leaflet of the food available at “Wagnaria” restaurant. They even included the price lol. What would be even more amazing is if Aniplex actually decides to open up a real “Wagnaria” restaurant to promote the anime franchise using those dishes on the menu.

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