It Finally Arrived! Kimi ni Todoke Pin Display Stand

After sending in the application tickets for this item many months ago, it has finally arrived! This was the mail-in item campaign that was running for the Japanese DVD release of the 2nd season of Kimi ni Todoke where a display stand would be sent to hold the special pins that came with the first press DVDs. The application tickets were also only available on the first press editions.

 It was stated on the application ticket that the display stand would be sent way back out towards the end of September, however, after my contact in Japan had sent them in before the cut off date, the tickets were lost in the mail as it wasn’t until by the end of October that I thought something must have happened since I had not received any notice that he had received the item. Luckily I still had the original tickets that had VAP’s contact details in case something like this happened. I guess the postal service in Japan isn’t that perfect then?

VAP was kind enough to actually send my contact in Japan one of these anyway as his name wasn’t on their list of people who had sent in their application tickets. It was actually them who suggested the tickets were probably lost in the mail (which is a first since I hear that Japan’s postal service is one of the best in the world from friends who have actually been to the country and used the service themselves). It’s probably true since the previous Kimi ni Todoke mail-in item campaigns run by them were received by my contact in Japan without any problems and this is probably an isolated case.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

The pin display stand itself is made pretty much like a clip-board folder with one thin cardboard sheet inside containing the background artwork.

I followed the suggested placement of the pins that was shown on the application ticket.

 But this is my own preferred placement of the characters’ positions on the stand.

 Didn’t really keep the pins on the stand though as these photos were only taken for my blog post, I had put them back into the box after since I didn’t want to put too much damage into the background piece done by the pins.

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