CD Special Loot Post #2!

And with my latest anime BD imports arriving, these CDs were also in the same parcel after I consolidated a number of them to be shipped along with the BDs. Normally I buy all my anime CDs from CDJapan but there were a few store exclusive bonuses from Animate & Sofmap which won me over instead, it also helps that buying most of my anime media items from Animate lately is building up my frequent shopper points whereas my CDJapan account hardly has any points left, not to also mention there’s an expiry date for when those points must be used by while Animate’s shopper points doesn’t have any!


Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

Got both Carnival Phantasm’s ending theme “Fellows” and its soundtrack. I bought the ED from Sofmap as their listing stated that it’d come with a store exclusive postcard.

 Fate/ZERO opening theme “Oath Sign” by LiSA. Unlike the ED where I bought all 3 editions (LE, LE anime cover pressing & regular editions), only the LE and LE anime cover pressing were bought as the regular edition didn’t really have anything unique that swayed me to buy it. I bought both of these from Animate and it appears both contained an application ticket for a special event where LiSA would perform and have a talk.

 I did mention that the reason I’m buying many releases from Animate and other Japanese online stores is because of store exclusive bonuses right? Well Animate included a special double sided A3 poster for both editions of the CD single.

 Finally, the OP for Shakugan no Shana III. It’s kinda funny how nearly all of the Shana opening themes took some time to grow on me. Only “Hishoku no Sora” (which was the 1st OP for season 1) has been the only theme that instantly hooked me from the first listen. When I first listened “Light My Fire”, I actually disliked it because it didn’t seem to live up to the previous opening themes. However, after my recent marathon on all the eps out so far for the 3rd season I’ve started to lighten up on it. The part that started to really grow on me was the hook just before the chorus and it’s gonna be that part that I always look forward to hearing whenever the OP plays.

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