Dengeki Daioh Monthly Comics: Toys Work’s Bonus Nitengo Shana Figure

 Haven’t really posted much this month have I? Many of my imports are usually released towards the end of the month and they sometimes arrive within the month or early into the next depending the on the shipping, so this is partly why the lack of updates. This, however, was received a few weeks ago and I had intended on making a post about it but kept ending up pushing it aside until now. It’s the December 2011 issue of Dengeki Daioh’s monthly comic magazine along with a special bonus Nitengo Shana figure.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

The main reason I bought this was for the 2.5″ figure of Shana as mentioned in another post last month. The design and overall look was too cute to pass up!

 She joins my whole other army of Shana figures on the shelf of my anime storage cabinet.

Upon actually reading through the magazine, I discovered that Dengeki Daioh was also running a buying mail-in item campaign for another set of Nitengo Shana figures called the “DokiDoki Pyjama Party Set” consisting of Shana, Yoshida and Konoe.

 This is also another set that is too good to pass up for me so I ended up sending in the application ticket to my contact in Japan to obtain. The set costs 2,100 yen plus an additional 500 yen for domestic shipping in Japan. There’s also a cut off date for the tickets to be sent in by November 25th with the figure set planned to be sent out sometime in April 2012 (quite a few months away). Don’t know why buyers were only given one months notice to send those tickets in by when the items won’t be out til April next year but that’s the way they run the campaign I guess like most other mail-in item campaigns in Japan.

I’ve also read through a few of the mangas within this magazine’s issue and found some to be okay while others were pretty boring. The only one that stood out to me was one called “Golden Time” which is currently being serialized in its own manga book having been originally based on a light novel. I might look into continuing this series as the character designs aren’t bad and the story (as cliche as it may sound) sounds like it could have some potential with character relationships and development.

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