December 2011 DVD/BD Import Loot (Part 1) (Technically Part 2 Of November’s DVD/BD Import Loot)

I know, I know, there was gonna be a part 2 of my anime BD imports for last month but a number of things happened which delayed them arriving on time. Stupid wireless modem router and usb adapter both died around the same time making me fork out money for new ones which could’ve been used for the shipping of said BDs below (gonna avoid any NETGEAR products from now on!). My 3rd copy of the 2nd season of Carnival Phantasm was also gonna be shipped but I decided to hold it off so it could be consolidated with a few other items I recently won off Yahoo Japan Auctions.


Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

This latest loot for my anime BD imports pretty much completes the Ano Hana series. There is however a special Ano Hana Festival LE BD that will be released next year that I’m planning to get though I’m debating on whether to use my Animate frequent shopper points to get it or not (currently have 9,000 points which can cover nearly all of the RRP of the LE BD).

 In addition, I also received Animate’s store exclusive artbox to hold all 6 volumes. I must say, the artwork on the box is pretty great with all 6 characters in yukatas with fireworks in the background. The collector in me also wants Gamers’ store exclusive artbox where they’re all celebrating Christmas but don’t think I have the funds to get it at the moment (the last one sold for just over 10,000 yen for Gamers’ box alone), that and I doubt it’ll pop up often on Yahoo Japan Auctions right now.

 There’s also a nice sketch artwork of all 3 girls (Menma, Tsuruko & Anaru) that’s on the mini booklet of the final volume with a thank-you message from Tatsuyuki Nagai.

Other imports I got include volume 3 for Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu season 2 which ironically I have yet to even start watching the 2nd season at all, but I loved the first season and its witty comedy that I’m still choosing to import the BDs for season 2 right to the end.

And the 2nd volume of Working’!! which I have actually caught up to mostly due to a recent marathon watch I did for it as well as Fate/ZERO and Shana III.

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4 responses to “December 2011 DVD/BD Import Loot (Part 1) (Technically Part 2 Of November’s DVD/BD Import Loot)

  1. Hi, thanks for always reviewing what you buy, it’s really helpful to see all the packaging shots!
    I was wondering if you could tell me if the Animate AnoHana box is only given to those who bought the entire series from their shop? Because I would love to own it, but can’t afford to buy every volume right now! And also if they ship to North America?
    Thank you!


    • Hi there.

      The artbox is only given out with the final volume for buyers who buy ALL 6 volumes from them as part of their campaign for that artbox so you will have to buy all of them from Animate if you wish to get that artbox.

      You will also need to use a proxy service such as Noppin or Goody Japan to buy from their online store since they don’t ship outside of Japan, or if you’re able to read Japanese and know how to navigate the site without the use of an English translator like me, then you can use Tenso proxy service which gives you a Japanese address that Animate can send the items to and use your own credit card to order from Animate (they accept foreign credit cards but won’t ship internationally).

      Hope that helps.



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