Kimi ni Todoke Blu-ray Boxset Announced For Seasons 1 & 2

It’s just been recently announced that seasons 1 and 2 of Kimi ni Todoke will be released on blu-ray in Japan. (Source)

I’m not sure how I really feel about this recent announcement having just completed importing all the R2J DVDs for the 2nd season (plus all the DVDs for the first season as well) but I guess I might end up double dipping for this title maybe shortly after it is released. More details after the cut.

There will be 3 blu-ray boxes released for the series. One will contain the complete series (seasons 1 & 2) while the other two will be the blu-ray boxset for both seasons sold seperately. All 3 will be released on the 21st of September 2011. No word yet on whether it’ll be an upscale or not but with the series having been aired in HD in Japan (I think), there shouldn’t really be any reason that the HD masters won’t be used for the blu-ray boxsets.

Kimi ni Todoke Complete Seasons 1 & 2 BD Box
RRP: 42,000 yen
Catalog ID: VPXY-71919
Original Jacket & Character Design Artwork By Karuho Shiina
First Press Bonuses: New Short Animation “Mini Todo Gekijou -Romeo & Juliet 3D-“, Audio Bonus “Mini Todo Gekijou -Romeo & Juliet Sorekara-”

Kimi ni Todoke Season 1 BD Box
RRP: 26,250 yen
Catalog ID: VPXY-71917

Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 BD Box
RRP: 15,750 yen
Catalog ID: VPXY-71918

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2 responses to “Kimi ni Todoke Blu-ray Boxset Announced For Seasons 1 & 2

  1. Wow, I would never ever be able to afford a few sets of Blu ray anime. Must be kinda blah when you found out they were going to release the series in blu-ray. They tend to release blu-rays these days with any series^^” so it’s best to wait!


  2. I’m not too bothered about it as with the DVDs you get physical bonus extras such as phone straps and drama CDs for the 1st season while the 2nd season DVDs got special pins, postcards and a few mail-in item campaigns (pin display stand and album holder) which I’m still waiting to receive after sending in the application tickets.

    It’s usually physical bonuses that I like to collect so while the BD boxset is nice in picture quality upgrade, I’ll probably stick with the DVDs for the time and buy the complete series BD boxset sometime after it’s released. I just hope the first press doesn’t sell out by the time I do decide to purchase it.



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