Janet Jackson’s Number Ones: Up Close & Personal Tour Australian Announcement!

Aussie Janet fans have been waiting over 10 years for the icon to tour Australia ever since her last trek to the country (The Velvet Rope tour back in 1998) and today their prayers have been answered! Many local newspapers and their online sites have officially announced that Janet will bring her current tour, “Number Ones: Up Close & Personal”, to the land down under in late October and playing a number of shows that will run into early November. Furthermore, Ticketek Australia have also officially announced when tickets will be on sale. More information and dates below.

 So far, the following dates have been announced through various online sources.

Perth: October 18th, 2011 @ Burswood Theatre (Source)
Adelaide: October 22nd, 2011 @ Adelaide Festival Theatre (Source)
Melbourne: October 26th & 27th @ Arts Centre State Theatre (Source)
Gold Coast: November 2nd @ Gold Coast Convention Centre (Source)
Sydney: November 5th & 6th @ Sydney Opera House (Source)

Tickets will go on sale on the 3rd of August @ 9am but users with an account over at Ticketek Australia & Dainty will get the opportunity to secure tickets online through the venue’s website with a special internet presale on 27th of July @ 2pm running til the 28th @ 5pm.

Janet’s music has always been a pleasure of mine to listen to so this will the first time I’ll ever see her perform live in person. It’s still amazing to see that Janet at 45 years old is still showing she’s got the moves and can match her younger contemporaries in dancing with high energy!

She’s also the inspiration and reason why I started taking dance classes as her music videos and live performances have contained many amazing (and iconic) choreography that are slick and intricate but also smooth and sensual, but it’s not just her uptempo songs that really makes me like her music, some of my favourite songs from her are slow jams and heartfelt ballads which really brings out her amazing harmonies and background vocals. Can’t wait to see the tour! Below are my favourite and standout music videos from her massive videography.

I Get Lonely

Doesn’t Really Matter

Together Again (Deeper Remix)

That’s The Way Love Goes

All For You

Twenty Foreplay


All Nite (Don’t Stop)

Come Back To Me

Every Time

Rock With U


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