Kara no Kyoukai x Fate/Grand Order Collaboration Merchandise Loot (Part 2)

2 months and finally the second half of my Kara no Kyoukai x Fate/Grand Order collaboration merchandise loot is in!

I actually missed a part of the text on the promotional website for the collaboration goods that stated pre-orders from ufotable’s web shop would arrive by mid-June, so these goods arrived to Noppin’s warehouse around that time and were kept in storage for nearly a month before I requested it to be sent to me (along with a few merchandise goods from the “Sola” anime).

First up in part 2 of this loot is a luncheon mat with a promotional image of Fate/Grand Order featuring Saber, Shiki and a 3rd girl who I’m not familiar with from the game.

Next set are the B3-size clear posters where I ordered all three designs available featuring Bunny Shiki, Kokuto Mikiya and Aozaki Touko. I like that the clear posters are separated into 3 layers with one being the background, one being the full finished coloured artwork and one being the coloured sketch line artwork version.

And the final set for this loot are 4 B2-size wallscrolls/tapestries using the same artworks above for each character. I did mention in the part 1 post of this loot that I considered ordering the B design artwork of the tapestry which featured Kokutou Mikiya as seen in 2 images above, but decided to not at the last minute to keep my spending down (on this loot anyway). Might still try and get it sometime later though if it pops up on Yahoo Japan Auctions.

Aozaki Touko

Kara no Kyoukai x Fate/Grand Order Collaboration Main Promotional Artwork

Ryougi Shiki (Saber Sword Version)

This one is my favourite artwork out of the all ones used for the tapestries. Would love it if a 1/8 scale figure was made from this image but I doubt it would happen since it’d look very similar to Good Smile Company’s 1/7 Garan no Dou Ryougi Shiki scale figure release.

Ryougi Shiki (Bunny Version)

And that is part 2 of the Kara no Kyoukai x Fate/Grand Order collaboration merchandise loot! As stated early in the post, I got in a few bunch of Sola merchandise goods along with this loot but planning to take photos and make a post for them later in the month. Been too busy working to usually post about anime merchandise as soon as I get them in and I’m usually exhausted by the time I get home to even start! I did start playing Pokemon GO a few weeks ago though and thought of making random blog post about it but the hype about it has probably died down a lot by now, might still make one in the future with photos I took of Pokemons in the various lakes I’ve visited to catch them. XD


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