Kara no Kyoukai / Garden Of Sinners「俯瞰風景」(Fukan Fuukei) 3D Blu-ray Import

So I delayed the shipping for this blu-ray import of the 3D release of Kara no Kyoukai’s first film, “Fukan Fuukei”, by about a week for other things, but yay it’s finally here!

Pre-ordered this a few months back via Noppin’s shop service order for ufotable’s webshop listing of the BD. They included their own store exclusive bonus DVD and deluxe book/pamphlet. Even though I don’t have a 3D blu-ray player or TV yet, I wanted to import this for my Kara no Kyoukai collection like always XD.

For some reason, I actually like the back cover of the jacket showing just the night sky with the moon in the background. I guess it partly has to do with the blue clear case adding to the package emphasizing the tone of the film.

Decided to pop the disc into my PC BD-ROM drive anyway to check out the film and like movies shot in 3D, there was those red and blue outlines visibly clear throughout the entire film. Most particularly in the scenes involving the fight between Kirie Fujou and Shiki on the rooftop buildings, there appeared to be some good use of the 3D effect for the water splashing when Shiki lands on the surface of the roof.

The ufotable store exclusive bonus DVD contained the promotional videos for the Fate/ZERO Cafe short as well as the Kara no Kyoukai collaboration PV with the Fate/Grand Order game. Also included were exclusive video footages of the rough cuts and edits of the Fate/Grand Order PV outlining the full colour character sketches and CGI effects, as well as before and after comparison shots.

Took screencaps of the menus on the DVD.



And also took screencaps of the CGI comparison shots that had the final edit on one side and one that did not have the full CGI details rendered in.






This is what the full Kara no Kyoukai x Fate/Grand Order collaboration PV looks like.

The other ufotable store exclusive bonus for the 3D blu-ray import was a deluxe book for the film.

It’s actually just a mini-sized version of the pamphlet that was sold in cinemas back when the film was screening in Japan, containing special talks and interviews regarding the 3D re-production of the film, although the Fate/ZERO Cafe pages and short comic were not included in this one and the cover wasn’t holographic. Took some selected page sample photos below.

The book did however have some new content in the last few pages containing the full colour sketch line artworks for the key visuals made for the 3D re-release of the film.

The ANIPLEX+ store exclusive 1/7 scale figure of Ryougi Shiki was also supposed to have been released around the same time the 3D blu-ray was out, but has been delayed to around April 16th, which is in a little over a week, although there is a possibility it could be pushed even further back to late April. I guess it’s a blessing for me considering I had so many bills and items I had to pay for in March that the figure release being pushed back gave my wallet some room to breathe XD. Still have a number of other items coming in April though (including a number of Kara no Kyoukai Ryougi Shiki birthday goods I pre-ordered back in February!) so my wallet will still be taking some hits this month!

3 responses to “Kara no Kyoukai / Garden Of Sinners「俯瞰風景」(Fukan Fuukei) 3D Blu-ray Import

  1. My friend recently received his copy of this BD and came over to my house to watch it, since I happen to have a PS3 and a 3D TV 😛

    And I have to say the 3D was implemented really well and was actually pretty mind-blowing during panoramic scenes and action scenes. You should definitely find a way to watch it if you can. I’m keen to see more 3D releases in the future!

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  2. Nice stuff but i got ask does the FGOxKnK CM have any people credited for it ? like Key Animation/Storyboarding if so can you please share it since i have looking for who did this CM.


    • In the final CM there is no credit or stuff like that, but in the making of the CM video they put the credit of each person that make this CM, not only they put the name in the credit, but they even put the name of the person who did part of the CM.



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