ClariS “Reunion” CD Singles Loot (Limited Edition & Anime Cover Pressing)

Back to posting more loots! (with more arriving in a few days lol) And this time it’s anime CDs which I haven’t bought many for quite some time now other than a few Shirokuma Cafe CDs. Seeing how I’m currently watching the second season of Oreimo and have already pre-ordered the first blu-ray volume release, it’s no surprise I’d end up purchasing the CD singles released for its opening theme, “Reunion”, sung by the duo that did the opening for the first season; ClariS.

Like a lot of the CD single releases for anime theme songs, there are multiple editions of the physical release for the song that tend to have limited press editions featuring the anime artworks on the cover. This wasn’t gonna be any different given how a few other Aniplex anime titles have been given the same treatment (Fate/ZERO & Magica Madoka).

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I decided to buy both the limited edition copy that contained a bonus DVD (featuring the music video for “Reunion”) and the limited anime cover pressing, but from two different stores since each contained different store bonuses. The first copy bought was the limited anime cover edition from CDJapan for a B2-size first press bonus poster while the other one was purchased from Animate who were including a bonus clearfile folder with their release.

Limited Edition CD Single (w/ Bonus DVD)

Track list for the CD is:

1. Reunion
2. Tik Tak
3. ミントガム (Mint Gum)
4. Reunion (Instrumental)


“Reunion” Music Video

“Reunion” is pretty much the typical sound of ClariS that was first heard in their debut song, “Irony” from season 1 of Oreimo; a fun, bubbly, electronica-type J-pop song. While it didn’t instantly grab me from the first listen like “Irony” did (which for some reason reminds me of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” lol), it serves as a decent sequel song with a punchy melodic beat during the chorus, and rapid electronic synthesizer runs accompanying ClariS’s vocals. The other two tracks, “Tik Tak” & “Mint Gum” are okay too, but can end up being forgettable if you’re not a hardcore fan of the duo.

The limited edition CD single includes a bonus sticker featuring the promotional image for Oreimo’s second season.

Limited Anime Cover Pressing


1. Reunion
2. Tik Tak
3. ミントガム (Mint Gum)
4. Reunion -TV Mix-

There’s also a campaign running for the release of “Reunion” where (Japanese) buyers would be able to access a special ClariS page via Animelo if they scanned the QR barcode on the flyer (included in all editions of the CD single release) with their mobile phones and entered the password given out on it. There, they would be able to download a special wallpaper for their phone and get the chance to receive a limited signed ClariS “present”. I scanned the barcode with my Samsung GS3 and it lead to the page that required the password, but for some reason I would always receive an error with “page cannot be found”  message after entering in the password that’s stated on the flyer. The flyer says the campaign is running from the 17th of April til the 16th of May, 2013, which is kinda strange seeing how some of the reasons listed for the error said that the “service” for the campaign might have ended already but that there’s still about 3 weeks left for this promotion. Oh well, perhaps android phones (and international ones) aren’t compatible with this too since there’s a disclaimer at the bottom that states “iPhones are not supported” with this campaign. Would’ve been nice to get the wallpaper for my phone but eh, no big deal.

On another interesting note, Animelo Mix appears to be having their own store exclusive bonus where 100 lucky purchasers will get a special cloth cleaner (in addition to the special wallpaper download) for their mobile phones if the full single is purchased from them via that method.

And on the topic of store exclusive bonuses, time for photos of the first press bonus poster from CDJapan that was included with my order of the limited anime cover pressing edition featuring Kuroneko & Kirino (which looks amazing when it’s in a large size lol).

And photos of Animate’s store exclusive bonus clearfile featuring the same Oreimo artwork above, but also an illustration artwork of ClariS on the back that was included with my order of the limited edition with the bonus DVD.

Somehow I feel like this is a sort of prelude to the upcoming Japanese BD imports of Oreimo 2 that I will be buying lol. I know it was a little quiet on my blog for the past few weeks but that was because a lot of the stuff I had ordered or bought have yet to come in and I didn’t feel like making any random posts, but there will be a whole lot of stuff coming in the next few days that I’m excited to post about so look forward to more posts on my merchandise loots! XD.

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One response to “ClariS “Reunion” CD Singles Loot (Limited Edition & Anime Cover Pressing)

  1. I just got my anime cover copy today as well! 😀
    It looks like you need a domoco account to access the bonus wallpapers… I was able to go to the site the QR code specified, but then it took me to a page that said I needed a domoco account [I BELIEVE, I don’t actually speak any Japanese so that might not be true LOL]. Let me know if you find the bonus content though, my Galaxy nexus could use a bit of claris on it! Hehe



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