UNBOXING | Shakugan no Shana 電撃文庫 FIGHTING CLIMAX SEGA Prize Figures

It’s been ages since I last got in any Shana figure for my collection. The last time I did get one in was about 3 or 4 years ago, nevertheless, it’s still great to see Shana’s character still popular enough to produce new figures. These two are SEGA prize figures from the the UFO catcher games in Japan that you could play at amusement arcades, both being part of the character lineup for the Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax video game.

I haven’t been really keeping up with any new Shana merchandise for awhile so my discovery of these prize figures was thanks to MyFigureCollection lol. Was just updating my profile one day after logging in after so many months away from it when I decided to give a browse on all Shakugan no Shana related items on the site. That’s when I came across this new Shana figure I hadn’t seen before and noticed that it also had an alternate version in pink! Me still being a Shana fan naturally had to get these after discovering those two. I got the normal “Shana” version brand new for a rather cheap price of just 498 yen (before Noppin’s service and shipping fees, which was still pretty cheap after all those were added in) while the “Game Colour Ver.” only cost me 980 yen brand new (before all fees and such were added as well), both coming from Yahoo Japan Auctions.

When these figures finally arrived, I did not expect their boxes to be so big! Then again, I didn’t really take much notice on the size of these figures originally (them being 16cm tall) since I assumed they’d be small trading figures given that they were prize figures. In actual fact, they’re about as big as some scale figures! And its quality is almost on par with them too, which is surprising given how cheap they are to get, although it is stated they are “high grade figures” on the box so I shouldn’t be too surprised. I hope the unboxing video and photos I took really showcase that.

SEGA “Shana” Prize Figure From Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX Game

This normal “Shana” version was released from the lineup on the 5th of June, 2015, with some other characters from Dengeki Bunko light novel series like Taiga from Toradora, Kirino from Ore no Imouto and Misaka from Toaru Kagaku no Railgun coming out in the following months after.

A holographic Kadokawa sticker is also put on the back of the box to prove its authenticity as well as visual guides on how to insert the figure onto the base.

The base also has a small slit for the sword Shana holds to be inserted into so it can stay upright.

SEGA Shana “Game Color Ver.” Prize Figure From Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX IGNITION Game

The alternate “Game Color Ver.” of the SEGA Shana prize figure. Released on the 22nd of January, 2016. This version gives Shana a pink colour scheme to her character design. Some have commented that it makes Shana look like she’s dressed up as Louise from Zero no Tsukaima or pays an homage to that character, which wouldn’t be too farfetched since Louise is another character that is voiced by Rie Kugumiya (who also voices Shana) :P.

Like the normal “Shana” version, there is also a holographic Kadokawa sticker on the back of the box to confirm that it is a genuine product along with the same visual guides on inserting the figure onto the base.

And like the base for the normal “Shana” version, there is also a slit for the sword to be insert into. The white colour change for the base also seems to go with the pink colour scheme for the “Game Color Ver.”.

Even Shana’s eyes and jacket have been changed to a maroon colour to match the overall look for this version.

Here are photos of the two versions side by side for comparison and to see their contrasting colour schemes. For some reason, the “Game Color Ver.” of Shana reminds me of Illya’s magical girl outfit look in Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma*Illya even though Shana’s outfit looks nothing like Illya’s. I guess it mainly has to do with the pink skirt & bowtie plus her maroon coloured eyes and light pink hair that gives off that impression XD.

This pose/character model has been used previously on an old 2007 Yamato figure release of Shana.

As you can see, the pose is pretty much the same with the main differences being the SEGA prize figures have a base and Shana’s trench coat whereas the Yamato figure doesn’t. The Yamato figure does however have a more elaborate design on Shana’s hair in addition to a small fire spiral ring around her sword while the hair on the SEGA prize figures have a more simple design. I think that’s the only one area on the prize figures that I would’ve liked to see more improvement on as most of the other parts of the figure were pretty well done.

One small thing I did notice between the Yamato and SEGA figures was that Shana has her right hand over the left one on the Yamato figure while the SEGA prize figures have her left hand over the right one. It also seems the eyes on the Yamato figure shows Shana having a fierce yet almost angry-looking face, while the SEGA prize figures seems to have a more subdued face. Again, I personally think it has to do with the hair which is covering up her entire forehead on the SEGA ones.

Earlier I mentioned about the size of these prize figures just being about the same as a scale one. With the Yamato Shana figure being at about 1/10 scale, I would guess the SEGA prize figures would be about 1/9 seeing how the two figures seem slightly taller (even without the base) although I could be wrong. Either way, all three look pretty good in my eyes but that’s not much help coming from a Shana fanatic collector! XD. For those looking into getting some Shana figures, I would highly recommend these SEGA prize ones as they’re very good quality that comes with a nice looking base and seem to be very affordable on the second hand markets. It also helps that these are the most recent Shana figures released from 2015 and 2016 so they should be very easy to find.

Speaking of recent Shana figures, back in early 2016 New Vision Toys announced that there are plans to release a new 1/8 scale figure of Shana and Yoshida sometime this year, although we’re already half way through 2016 and the company have yet to publicly release any prototype images of the two. Still hoping that they will at least announce pre-order dates before the year ends though!

Getting back to the SEGA prize figures, I managed to find space for the two on my Shakugan no Shana collection display cabinet by placing them in the top left corner behind two other figures lol. That actually reminds me that I still have about 3 other big Shana scale figures that I have yet to even put out on display.

I’m still hoping someday I can get a big new glass display cabinet similar the one for my Kara no Kyoukai collection so I can display my entire Shakugan no Shana collection in all its glory! Until then, I’m remaining satisfied with the current display setup I have with the collection display cabinet. 🙂



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