Bubblegum Crisis Full アトリエ彩 (Atelier-Sai) Action Figures Set

Time for an impromptu post! Was randomly taking photos of these Bubblegum Crisis action figures from Atelier Sai when I decided that I might as well make a blog post on them, also seeing how I never got to make a follow up post to the Priss figure during my blog’s hiatus in 2014, which was when I eventually acquired the missing girls from the set. Consider this a backlog loot post then haha.

A little refresh on the release of these action figures courtesy of the Bubblegum Crisis wikia page.

  • Released back in 2005 by the Atelier Sai company
  • Each figure of the girls (Priss Asagiri, Nene Romanova, Sylia Stingray & Linna Yamazaki) had interchangeable heads and hands and could be articulated with their arms, wrists and legs.
  • The figures measures at 6-inches (approximately 15cm tall)
  • Each girl had additional accessories related to their custom hardsuit
  • Only 250 copies were produced for each of the girl’s action figure

These action figures have been long out of print and can be quite expensive to obtain currently if going by the ebay listings from Japanese sellers (upwards of $250AUD for each girl). I managed to obtain Nene, Sylia and Linna off of Yahoo Japan Auctions back in 2013 and 2014 for some rather reasonable prices (around 3,000-6,000 yen). I’ve already done a blog post on the Priss figure from this release line back in 2013, but I think I’ll just post photos of all 4 girls together in this one rather than make a post for each girl.

As you can tell from the photos, I’ve put these action figures on display in front of the TV in my bedroom. Surprisingly they’re not that distracting when I’m watching the news and movies on the screen, although they can get pretty dusty quickly due to my room having a lot of dust particles from the carpet and windows staying open a lot. Have to give them a quick dust clean every few months as a result.

All of the girl’s poses, except for Nene, were inspired from this video below from Steve who has the figures for Sylia, Priss and Linna. For Nene’s pose, I had to come up with one of my own that would be unique for her but also complement the other three girls to look like a group. Eventually settled for a pose that makes Nene look like she’s flying up as it also highlights the antenna arrays on her back (although they were a pain to hold and keep in place).

And photos of the box packaging for all four girls.

Also took some close up shots of the alternate heads of the girls without the helmets from the packaging. I know some collectors who have these figures like to use these ones instead of the ones with the helmets, but I prefer the helmet ones because they look cooler to me :P.

So despite these figures being long out of print, I would suggest those who are interested in obtaining these figures to keep an eye out for it on Yahoo Japan Auctions (and maybe even Mandarake) as I’ve seen some of the girl’s figures pop up in the past few months and selling for rather affordable prices (well much cheaper than the ebay listings anyway). I’ve also obtained the Bubblegum Crisis Yamato 1/15 action figures + Motoslave Series of all four girls years ago, but have yet to even unbox them! Might consider making a blog post for that release line sometime in the future when I do! :D.

And finally, just for fun, here are photos I took years ago of each girl’s figure pose from my old Samsung Galaxy S3 phone and then applying the solarise effect on it lol. Neon Knight Sabers anyone? 😛






One response to “Bubblegum Crisis Full アトリエ彩 (Atelier-Sai) Action Figures Set

  1. Dude, I pre-ordered the Priss figure I believe from Hobby Link Japan that summer of 2005 right when I got out of high school. I think they were going for maybe 60 bucks at that time. I’ve seen people get the entire sets on ebay for less than 60 bucks, which is insane! In actually, I sold off a Tokyo Marui Famas F1 airsoft gun to buy the figure and a Zeta Gundam DVD, and still had cash left over.

    I wasn’t aware of the limited printing of those figures to 250, I thought they were just printed for a few months and then never again. By the time i was maybe interested in getting the other 3, I saw that they went up in price in just a couple of years, which didn’t matter to me since I wanted Priss. I also have that Motorslave bike with the Priss figure as a birthday present. This makes my ownership of my Priss figure even more rewarding.

    My only issue with the Priss figure is that the joint for the right leg at her hip is super loose, and that causes it to pop out if I am not careful. It can still pop in, but I don’t want to do something to the joint to ruin the figure.



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