Working!!! (Wagnaria Season 3) – Limited Edition BD Volume 6

Volume 6 of Working!!! is in. Another late arrival and quick post for this volume.

The 2nd last volume (3rd if counting the 1 hour special finale episode’s future BD/DVD release), contains episodes 10 and 11 with character audio commentary on the 11th episode featuring Inami, Satou and Souma. I haven’t actually watched the episodes or listened to the character audio commentary yet as of making this post, but I am curious to hear how Inami will handle talking with Satou and Souma given her phobia of men! (and to see if Souma will even survive being near Inami! XD)

Like a number of the previous volumes, a bonus CD is included with this volume containing the opening theme featuring solo vocals of Yachiyo and the ending theme featuring solo vocals of Satou. There’s also another 10 track mini soundtrack for the series in addition to the opening and closing themes.

Almost finished collecting/importing this 3rd season of Working!! with just 2 more volumes to go! Yes, I intend to get the special 1 hour finale episode BD release as well :P. The next volume coming in should come with the ANIPLEX+ store exclusives as well as the artbox to hold all the volumes. I’m most excited to see what the special staff memory/message collection book will contain having seen the Kara no Kyoukai ones where it contains lots of great and hilarious artworks not used in promotional stuff, so I’m expecting it to be similar to that.



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