More Kara no Kyoukai Merch Part 2: Background Art Collection Book (劇場版 空の境界 美術集)

Part 2 of the January 2016 Kara no Kyoukai merchandise loot! This time, a look into the background art collection done by the various art directors of the movie series.

This artbook was one I had been keeping an eye on for a future purchase. It was listed on Mandarake a few times but I never bought it until a listing I saw on Yahoo Japan Auctions that had a bonus limited postcard signed from one of the art directors; Kazuo Ebisawa (the signed postcard was limited to only 300). It features many full colour background artworks from all the Kara no Kyoukai movies (movies 1-7, the epilogue, Mirai Fukuin and Extra Chorus) taking up to 220 pages worth!

Also included is a 10 page round table discussion between Hikaru Kondo (近藤光); Ufotable founder, and three of the art directors who worked on the series: Kazuo Ebisawa (海老沢一男); who worked on the 4th film and both Mirai Fukuin & Extra Chorus, Koji Eto (衛藤功二); who worked on the 6th and 7th film as well as Mirai Fukuin, and Ike Nobutaka (池信孝); 1st, 2nd and 5th film and also on Mirai Fukuin.

Obviously I won’t be posting photos of all 230 pages because that is too much. I will however be posting some photos of selected pages from each movie for you readers to have a look at. I found a lot of them to be rather gorgeous (particularly the ones from the 2nd and 6th films), so it was nice to actually focus on these background artworks to see how they conveyed the mood and tone of their respective films.

Selected background artworks from movie 1; “Fukan Fuukei”.

Selected background artworks from movie 2; “Satsujin Kousatsu (Part 1)”.

Selected background artworks from movie 3; “Tsukaku Zanryuu”.

Selected background artworks from movie 4; “Gara no Dou”.

Selected background artworks from movie 5; “Mujun Rasen”.

Selected background artworks from movie 6; “Boukyaku Rokuon”.

Selected background artworks from movie 7; “Satsujin Kousatsu (Part 2)”.

Selected background artworks from the epilogue; “Kara no Kyoukai”.

Selected background artworks from movie 8; “Mirai Fukuin”.

Selected background artworks from “Extra Chorus”.

Sample page of the round table discussion between the three art directors and Ufotable founder.

Not too sure how popular or rare this artbook would be now but the price it’s being listed for on YJA has gone way up dramatically. It was originally only sold on Ufotable’s web shop at just 4,800 yen but I’ve recently seen it being listed as high as 30,000 yen! I would suggest those who are interested in getting this to wait and see if it gets put up for sale on Mandarake because the ones I had seen on there (before they were sold) were listed at just 10,000 yen. I actually got my copy off YJA for 25,000 yen lol, part of its high price was due to the bonus limited signed postcard from Kazuo Ebisawa which seems extremely expensive, but I was fine with paying that price anyway, especially since all the current ones listed on YJA seem to be listed at an even higher price and doesn’t contain the bonus signed postcard!

This also isn’t anything new to me given that I got in the limited edition Garden of Sinners artbook of Takashi Takeuchi’s complete visual collection for 40,000 yen! (also from YJA LOL!) Ah the joy of being an obsessed Kara no Kyoukai fan! XD



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