Working!!! (Wagnaria Season 3) – Limited Edition BD Volume 5

Merry Christmas! I have to at least get one post done for the month don’t I? XD Another delayed post for the Working!!! BD imports but think of it as a Christmas present I guess :P.

Volume 5 of the Japanese blu-ray import for Working!!! contains episodes 8 and 9 with character commentary on the 9th episode done by Takanashi and his four sisters; Kazue, Izumi, Kozue and Nazuna.

A bonus CD is included, this time featuring solo vocals by Inami on the opening theme and solo vocals by Takanashi on the ending theme, plus another mini soundtrack containing 10 tracks.

Just a quick post for this volume as you can see but tomorrow the special 1 hour special season finale for this series will air in Japan! As I already mentioned in the previous post, I’m anticipating a blu-ray announcement for this 1 hour special soon (perhaps it maybe even announced right after the special airs!). In any case, this 3rd (and most likely final season) for Working!! is really great in giving a lot of character development, tying up the loose ends of the stories and giving it a conclusion.

P.S. Kirio is slick trying to be like Souma! XD



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