Working!!! (Wagnaria Season 3) – Limited Edition BD Volume 3

Another late post for the blu-ray imports of Working!!! but hey  at least I’ve managed to post this before the end of the month!

So again, this post was delayed slightly due to some very busy time in regards to my personal life, mostly to do with land checking and possibly construction of me and my family’s first home (going through various home designs atm), but here is volume 3 of Working!!!’s limited edition blu-ray!

This volume comes with a bonus drama CD titled “Yamada o Hime-sama” but I haven’t really listened to it yet.

I did watch the two episodes on the blu-ray disc however and must say it’s pleasing to see some actual developments in regards to Inami and Souta’s relationship. Even more funny was the involvement of Izumi trying to give the two characters a little push and Inami showing up to the park with a paper bag over her head! XD

The character audio commentary on this volume featured Poplar, Yachiyo and Satou. There was the usual banter between Poplar and Satou that fans have gotten used to throughout the three seasons. It was hilarious though when Poplar commented that both Yachiyo and Satou were like her older brother and sister at Wagnaria and Satou stated Kyoko must be like her old aunty then, which made Yachiyo upset thinking she’s also an old aunt and Satou had to quickly recover from making the situation awkward due to that comment.

On the next volume I should be receiving the first half of ANIPLEX+ store exclusive plush mascot straps (Poplar and Inami) for buying volumes 1-4, so looking forward to that!

Other then that, I haven’t really got much else to say at the moment. Really busy focusing on home and land ownership! I have however put in my pre-order of Kara no Kyoukai’s 3D blu-ray release of Fukan Fuukei movie over at Ufotable webshop.



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