Working!!! (Wagnaria Season 3) – Limited Edition BD Volume 2

Been having some issues with my right ear for the past two weeks which caused a delay in me posting this, but I can finally write up about the 2nd limited edition blu-ray volume of Working!!!.

The ear problem started when my right ear started swelling up about two weeks ago (from probably being rubbed too much to clean the build up of wax on the inside), before recovering only to suddenly start leaking fluids and liquid from the inside of it. Originally thought it was a big blister on the inside caused from the rubbing that popped which caused the fluids to leak but it continued on for about a week non stop. Went to get a check up on it with a doctor last week thinking I might have caught an ear infection but was told it’s not likely to be one, although I was prescribed some antibiotics just to be on the safe side. I’m still having some problems with the ear at the moment as it still feels like it’s blocked whenever I move around, but the leaking isn’t as bad as when it first started though. Guess this is gonna take me weeks to about a month or two to fully recover from though.

So with that out of the way, I can finally move onto posting about volume 2 limited edition blu-ray of Working!!!

This volume contains episodes 2 and 3 of the 3rd season as well as a character audio commentary on the 3rd episode done by Yachiyo, Inami and Yamada; three female lead characters just like the first volume which had the three lead male characters doing the character commentary!

A bonus live event disc is included with this volume, “Wagnaria ~Natsu no Shoukanshasai~”, although only in DVD format. Not sure why it wasn’t included as a blu-ray format when the main feature disc is in blu-ray, but I’m guessing it would’ve been too costly to author two blu-ray format discs for this single volume.


The live event (running for about 1 hour and 40 minutes) was recorded back when season 3 of Working!! was about to begin airing in Japan. All of the lead character’s voice actors, except for Hiroshi Kamiya, attended the event to promote the 3rd season. Although Kamiya wasn’t there, he did leave a message for the cast and audiences.


Surprisingly, this live event happened to be the first live Wagnaria event for the majority of people in the audience when the host asked if it was their first time attending. However there were a few in the audience who raised their hand when the host asked who had been to the previous two live events. The highlight of this event involved the 6 voice cast playing a game called “Remember Kanshasai” where they would answer questions on what happened on the two previous Wagnaria live events (“Natsu no Daikanshasai” & “Haru no Dai Dai Dai Kanshasai”) if they could remember.




Most of the questions somehow involved Daisuke Ono one way or another on what he did (or didn’t do lol), such as the first question where the host asked the voice cast to write down what they think he did on stage while standing in the centre of the cast (after they all introduced themselves) at the first live Wagnaria event.



For some reason, I seemed to recall him doing a mini strip tease or something as I was watching the footage lol. The answer ended up being him doing some fanservice poses and teasing for the boys and girls (and apologising for it haha) where he did take off his vest for a very short time LOL. Guess I was sort of right in a way XD.


Another question was what did Saki Fujita (voice actress for Inami) say about Daisuke Ono during a game from the first live event where he got a wrong answer. And the answer was that Daisuke Ono failed to solidify his cool anime character persona like Satou and play it cool from getting the answer wrong I’m assuming lol.


One question that I did know the answer to and remember what happened was the scene below.


The question was what happened to Daisuke Ono as he was playing the role of a noisy and annoying child with a noisy family in a restaurant scenario?


As soon as I saw the footage, I instantly remembered what happened later and it gave me such a good laugh the first time I saw it from that Wagnaria live event. As Daisuke Ono was running around pretending to be an aeroplane, he accidentally bumps into Jun Fukuyama (who was playing the role of a waiter bringing out drinks to the family) causing both to crash onto the floor and Hiroshi Kamiya (playing the role of the manager) pretends to get mad and kick Daisuke Ono on the floor and begins to roll him around and around til he’s out of the stage/restaurant! XD




Besides that game, the audience at the event was also treated to a special advance screening of the first episode of season 3 of Working!!, introduced to a new character and given a preview of the opening and ending themes for the anime series.



Daisuke Ono, ever being the eccentric and charismatic person that he is, started miming and posing to the ending theme as it was being previewed to the audience much to the laughter and gushing from the both the audience and voice cast members. LOL






There were also announcements to do with the Yamaking!! Radio show credits and sponsors, also outlining the special guests and people planned to appear on it.


And finally the voice cast were able to give their special thanks and messages to the audience.working!!!_le_bd_vol_2_bonus_live_event_disc_screencap_cast_01

Eri Kitamura (voice actress for Yachiyo) had a rather interesting question for Daisuke Ono on who’s his favourite character from the anime series is.


To the surprise of the cast (particularly Eri lol), they expected him to say Yachiyo since she’s standing right in front of him (Eri lol) and he did say it, but then he said Inami is his favourite character because he know he wouldn’t get beaten up by her (or Saki Fujita XD – although he later explained a bit more in detail why he grew to like Inami’s character). Needless to say Eri had a (fake) shocked reaction and ran off stage crying haha.




And Daisuke prepared himself for the reaction and decided to run after her! And both came back looking exhausted with Daisuke pretending to make it look like Eri/Yachiyo had punched him LOL!


And after that humorous revelation, the final thank-you messages to the audience were done and the voice cast exited the stage.


It seemed the live event bonus DVD was the more fascinating item to look at for this volume of Working!!! XD, and it is for me anyway since I tend to enjoy watching anime-related live events over the past few years. The absence of Hiroshi Kamiya here was greatly felt though since it’s always a hilarious spectacle whenever he’s on stage with Daisuke Ono and Jun Fukuyama (as seen in the previous Wagnaria live events), not that this live event was boring but that it makes it much more special to have the complete cast on stage together. Hopefully the next Wagnaria live event will indeed have him there with all the other voice cast members just like the host mentioned at the end of this event.



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