Working!!! (Wagnaria Season 3) – Limited Edition BD Volume 1

First new anime BD import since I’ve returned! The first volume of “Working!!!” (season 3 of Working!! / Wagnaria).

This is pretty much the only new anime series I’ve started watching after a few years break from watching any anime series or movies. I’ve enjoyed seasons 1 and 2 of Working!! so it was a no brainer that I’d pick up the 3rd season BD releases. Volume 1 only contains the first episode on the BD, but those who have imported the original Japanese BD/DVD volume releases of the previous 2 seasons will automatically know that this release is consistent with the 1st volume releases for those 2 seasons, as they also only had one episode on the initial volume.

And like those initial volumes, it comes with a bonus CD containing the opening and ending themes for the series.

The lyrics to the OP & ED themes are also included on two small leaflets.

Volume one also comes with two external bonuses with the first being a mini standee popups display featuring the main cast of Working!! being with their canon partners (poor Poplar though lol)

And the second being an early manufacturer’s pre-order bonus of an A3 clear poster, featuring Poplar and Souta with a printed autograph of Adachi Shingo; the character designer and animation director of the anime series.

Watching the first episode of the third season felt like a re-introduction to the characters and environment given that it’s been about 4 long years since the last season was released. Loved getting back into the familiar character interactions and personalities. The scene of Souta boarding up the window of the staff room while Otoo’s wife was sitting inside cracked me up as she thought a typhoon was coming in and not knowing the real reason of why he was doing it XD.


On the BD there’s also a character commentary track on the episode featuring the three main male lead characters, Souta, Souma and Satou. Haven’t listened to it yet but will probably do tomorrow night. Come to think of it…I haven’t actually listened to much of the character commentary tracks for the first two season BD/DVD releases either. Should get around to doing that as a few of the ones I have listened to were rather interesting and hilarious (such as one that had Souma and Yachiyo discussing Satou and him getting her to record lovey dovey messages for him lol).




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