BACKLOG BD IMPORT: Ano Hana Movie Limited Edition (ANIPLEX+ Store Exclusive Edition)

Another backlog post on a anime BD import I received during the blog hiatus, the limited edition blu-ray set of the Ano Hana movie plus the ANIPLEX+ store exclusives.

Main packaging of this Japanese limited edition import houses 4 discs in a digipak packaging.

Disc 1 contains the theatrical movie, disc 2 and 3 contains promotional events for the film totalling to about 4 hours of footages while the 4th disc is a music compilation CD which mainly serves as the soundtrack to the film.

Lol at the hilarious artwork of Popo crossdressing with Anaru and young Yukiatsu’s reactions XD.

Two booklets are included with this limited edition. One is a special 100 page booklet while the other is the smaller version of the 56 page pamphlet sold in Japanese cinemas back when the movie was screening in Japan.

The special booklet contains a brand new 15 page mini story of the Chouhei Busters gang going to a Summer festival (titled “Hoshi no Yoru, Kodomo no Yoru”) complete with illustrations.

Other stuff from the special booklet includes storyboard sketches, key illustration sketches, background artworks, staff and cast interviews as well as main cast artwork messages and track list for the compilation CD.

And here are some photos on selected pages of the pamphlet.

The ANIPLEX+ store exclusives for the Ano Hana limited edition blu-ray includes a clearfile, 13 selected key illustration sketches, a storyboard animation flipbook and a random allocated film strip.

The clearfile.

Some of the selected key illustration sketches (I couldn’t be bothered taking a pic of all 13 lol)

The storyboard animation flipbook of the final scene from the movie that shows Menma.

And the randomly allocated film strip from the movie. I got the scene of Jintan preparing to cook ramen with Menma looking on.

What really makes this limited edition set worthwhile is the event footages on discs 2 and 3. Disc 2 contains 3 promotional events for the movie back when it was about to be released in Japanese cinemas.

The first event features the three main female voice leads of Menma, Anaru & Tsuruko (Ai Kayano, Haruka Tomatsu & Saori Hayami) on a promotional campaign at a baseball game for the Lions team during the Summer festival in Japan.

There they helped out with announcing the scores and name of the players in addition to promoting the film. Ai Kayano got to do the most as she was given the ball to throw the first pitch for the game while also dancing with the mascots and cheerleaders during halftime.

After the game finished, all three had a talk show for the crowds and players and also played a short catch ball game.

The second promotional event on disc 2 again featured Ai Kayano and Saori Hayami who was joined by Takayuki Kondo (voice of Popo) on a trip to Chichibu town for the special premiere screening of the film at the shrine.

Before the screening however, they appeared at a special talk show at a local school in the auditorium. There they got to try out some of the special food that was on sale and was also presented with a special Chouhei Busters muffin bread display.

The third event has all 6 main cast of the voice leads attending for the debut cinema screening of the film.

A replica setup of the secret base was featured at the event to mark the special occasion.

In addition to a lifesize Menma statue/figure! (imagine if this was available for sale! lol)

I just had to screencap this shot of Takahiro Sakurai where he was practising on his answers and messages to the cinema audiences (shortly before they were to go on stage) and all the girls started pointing their microphones towards him like he was being interviewed on national TV haha.

Moving onto disc 3 which contains 3 more promotional events.

The first one on this disc runs for a whopping 1 hour and 44 minutes where a Aniplex documentary crew follows Ai Kayano on a national promo campaign as she visits 18 cities across Japan, through a span of about two and a half months, to promote the film during its run in Japanese cinemas. Some of these places include Kyoto, Nagoya and Hokkaido.

With each city she visits she tries out some of the best food they have to offer. For Kyoto, she wore a yukata throughout her stay there.

Second event on this disc is a 14 minute feature of Ai Kayano again on Nico Nico’s late night “Hana” television special that was originally a livestream. It contains highlights of the show which includes her playing games with the host and announcing competition winners (also through games lol).

One particular game involved Ai to catch one paper slip from the two that will contain the name of the competition winner…and she missed both! XD Her reaction was hilarious after that.

Third and final event on the disc involved Ai Kayano and Takayuki Kondo visiting Chichibu town again for the rocket festival in wishing for prosperity and good fortune for the town as well as aiming to successfully launch the rocket.

Unfortunately, the rocket launch was not successful for that particular year…

…but was a success in 2014!

And another backlog post done! I did screencap a few more shots on the promotional events than what was posted here though. You can find more over on the photo album I’ve uploaded on the facebook page for this blog.

Next month will finally see me post a new anime BD import, Working!!! Volume 1 limited edition, but you can still expect to see some more backlog posts on other anime DVD/BD imports and merchandise I got in from the past year that I didn’t get the chance to originally.


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