BACKLOG LOOT: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Digital Alarm Clock (Rare)

And I’m slowly getting back into posting on the blog. First one back will focus on an old anime merch item I’ve bought many years ago, one that I got in way before I even created this blog on here; a rare Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 digital alarm clock!

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Digital Alarm ClockI had been thinking about making a post for this item but never got around to it until now.

Jumping straight into it. First up, pics of the box packaging that features some exclusive artworks drawn by Masaki Yamada for this alarm clock. (Who was also the character designer for the 2040 series remake of Bubblegum Crisis)

On both sides, the four girls are dressed in loose lingerie clothing with Sylia Stingray & Linna Yamazaki on the left…

…while Priss Asagiri & Nene Romanova are on the right.

Now onto the alarm clock!

It’s shaped kinda egg-like and is pretty light and compact, which would make it very easy to place in small areas.

The artworks featured on the box packaging are also appear on the alarm clock, albeit in just white outlines.

Like any typical digital alarm clocks, functions include an alarm and nap settings in addition to a timer as well.

It can also display the time in either 12 hour or 24 hour format. All the functions can be seen in the youtube video at the top.

I think the best feature out of this alarm clock would be the green backlit LED that lights up whenever you press on the snooze/light button on top.

This clock runs on 2 x AAA batteries and lasts pretty long too. I used to have it placed on top of my bedside drawers where my phone would also be at but I’ve decided to move it to my PC desktop table.

Obviously it stands out on the table along with my Android usb device lol.

This item was bought off Yahoo Japan Auctions about 5 years ago and is pretty rare, I’ve only seen it put up for sale once of which I was the buyer! Managed to buy it from there without the need for a proxy service as the seller was willing to ship internationally and accepted paypal, which is also another rare thing to happen given 99% of the sellers on there refuse to ship outside of Japan! Even to this day it’s still the only item I’ve bought using my own Yahoo Japan Auctions account while all my other purchases from there have been through proxies. It really makes me wonder if there are any more unheard of BGC 2040 merchandise that are still waiting to be discovered (or put up for sale XD).

One thing I thought I was sure about was that this clock was actually shown in the anime series, but I’m starting to have doubts since I recently went through almost every episode a number of times to get a snapshot for comparison and couldn’t find it anywhere throughout the series. I assumed it’d be shown in Nene’s apartment since I had vague memories of a clock in a similar egg-like shape but might have confused it for another object. If anyone does actually manage to locate where in the series the alarm clock is shown, I’d appreciate to know which episode and exact time as I still want to get a snapshot of the item. 🙂

Expect to see more backlog anime merch and DVD/BD import posts in the coming months!



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