My Return! (Of Going Back To Blogging & Purchasing :D)



Did ya miss me people? XD

Can’t believe it’s been about two years since my last post on this blog! Wow! A lot of stuff has happened in between that time (which I’ll go into a little of it for this post) but my anime purchasing hobby is still in my blood lol, even though not as rampant as it used to be. For anyone who still cares to read this blog or have been following and have been waiting for new posts, I hope you’re still interested to read on.

So what’s been happening for the past two years since I last posted? Well, a number of things. Mostly just to do with my personal life regarding work and new life goals. However, the main reason for the lack of posts was that my old computer and monitor went kaput and died on me! Literally it died on me while I was on the net and the back of the computer had a mini electrical power surge from the power supply, which fried the whole motherboard. (RIP my old computer – it was nearing it’s end anyway given it was about 7 years old by that point)

I was going to get a completely new system after that event, but it obviously meant I had to save up a lot of money if I wanted to get everything new for it. Luckily by this time my anime purchases was dying down a lot and there wasn’t much stuff I was interested in buying, so that was my new goal. I have however imported a few more anime BDs from Japan in between that time, but most were from pre-orders I had placed for many months before the old computer died.

And here is my new computer system all set up!


LOL, yes the cables are really messy at the back but given this was the very first time I had built a computer system purely on my own, I guess you can ignore that. Yes you read that right. It was my very first time I have been able to build up my own computer system having never done it before. The majority of the components were sourced from a friend who sent me a list of parts required for the system with some adjustments on the specs according to what I liked and what I wanted the system to have. Ordered everything online from PC Case Gear (including the monitor, mouse, keyboard and speaker system) and they all arrived in three huge parcels lol.

Was going to get the friend to come over within a week and build it for me since I had never built a computer system before and he had, but I was too impatient and decided to start early and install the parts inside the case (following the instructions from the manuals of course). Wouldn’t you believe it but the first ever computer system I attempt to build ended up being the motherboard was a faulty model/DOA (it was the ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark S model). I found out because nothing would show up on the monitor screen when I turned it on to get into BIOS mode (despite the CPU fan was running properly and the power LED lights on the tower case was also on). Pretty sure I didn’t damage anything on the motherboard as I didn’t see any broken or bent pins. Took it to a local computer store to get it checked out by a technician and he confirmed it was faulty. So having to return the motherboard under warranty I got another similar model, the ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2, and re-installed all the same parts on it. Powered on the system and hurrah! the ASUS Sabertooth logo popped up and I managed to get into BIOS mode! So basically from there I’ve installed Windows 7 Professional and slowly updated and installed the programs I want on the system.

The case I got for the tower was the Aerocool DS 200 White edition with window.


I picked this case because of the design and temperature check ability on top, in addition to being able to increase or decrease fan speeds. Sure I could just check it in BIOS mode, but I’m too lazy to do that lol.

And this here concludes the part about me getting a new computer system! XD

Other stuff that has happened while the blog was on hiatus includes me transferring to a new workplace and starting to save up money each month and put into a savings account for a home loan deposit (welcome to the adult life lol) and updating my Kara no Kyoukai collection display. On the anime purchasing side, I haven’t bought much stuff other than a few small things here and there which I’ll probably make a blog entry on all the backlog stuff I’ve got in during the blog hiatus. For future anime purchases however, there have been a number of things I’ve pre-ordered already.

These include

  • Pledging to be a Patron funder for the Otaku no Video Blu-ray Kickstarter project by Animeigo (I’ve also previously backed its Bubblegum Crisis Blu-ray release as a Patron)
  • Importing all the Japanese BD volumes of Working!!! (season 3 of the Working!!/Wagnaria series) from ANIPLEX+ online store for their store exclusives (mascot soft toy phone straps of Poplar, Mahiru, Yamada and Yachiyo, a crutch bag and a special Working!!! “Otsukare” (Thanks for the good work!) book). Hopefully the book contains special artworks and messages from the production staff like the Kara no Kyoukai staff message collection books sold exclusively at Comiket.
  • Pre-ordering the ANIPLEX+ online store exclusive 1/7 scale figure of Ryougi Shiki that’s based on the promotional artwork of Shiki for the 3D re-release of the first film.

I may consider importing the Japanese blu-ray release of Durarara!!x2 since I’ve imported the Japanese blu-ray boxset release of the first season but still undecided on it. I had also originally planned to import the Japanese blu-ray boxsets of ufotable’s Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works TV series but ended up changing my mind about it. Might get them from Yahoo Japan Auctions with some store exclusives I had missed out on in the future though. Same goes for the upcoming ufotable production of Heaven’s Feel movie/movie series.

Well that’s it for this update post for the blog! Hopefully now that I’ve gotten a new computer system I can go back to posting regularly on my purchases and collections in the future!

I’ve also created an instagram account in addition the facebook, twitter and youtube account for the blog. Hope you guys can share it to your friends and family. Would be nice to get some more followers haha. Look forward to more posts!


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