「Kara no Kyoukai」Fukan Fukei 3D Re-release: The Exclusive Merchandises

Wow…it’s been over just a month since my last post on this blog, the longest gap ever since I started it. Honestly I’ve been kinda unmotivated to make any posts recently, add to the fact that I’ve also been lazy and tired after work and have slowed down a lot on making anime merchandise purchases. However, I did mention in a previous post that my next loot would be a special treat for Kara no Kyoukai fans and they’ve finally arrived yesterday.

These are the exclusive merchandises that were either sold in Japanese cinemas screening the 3D re-release of the first film, Fukan Fukei, or were prizes given out at Ufotable Dining in a lucky dip game.

Pictures can be enlarged by right-clicking “View Image”

This lot of items were bought off Yahoo Japan Auctions over a month ago and I didn’t request shipping for them until last week. There were still a few other promotional items for the 3D re-release that I was interested in getting but ended up not buying, but I’m pretty happy with this lot as it contains all the main ones that I really wanted to get.

First one is the visual book for the re-release. I got the limited edition set which had a glossy holographic cover although I’m not sure if the photo really shows it properly. There were also a regular edition visual books for Kara no Kyoukai and the Fate/Zero Cafe special available separately, but it didn’t contain the holographic covers or any of the other additional items that were included in the limited edition set.

On the back of the book was the cover for the special short played in cinemas before film started, Fate/Zero Cafe, which also had a glossy holographic look.

Half of the book contained interviews with the production staff on the 3D re-production of the film as well as a catalogue of the exclusive merchandises available at the cinemas. (I’ve got all the Kara no Kyoukai ones advertised in the book hehe)

While the other half, contained special pages for the Fate/Zero Cafe short including character designs and staff artwork doodles and messages as well as a special comic. I might consider translating the comic in the future just for the sake of it lol.

And here is the special comic for the Fate/Zero Cafe special.

Onto another merchandise from the lot, a special artboard of Ryogi Shiki with Nasu Kinoko’s autograph. These were special prizes given out to people who went to watch the 3D film in Japanese cinemas.

I also obtained another artboard featuring a comical artwork of Shiki. This one was smaller than the one above though and was only a prize item given out at the Ufotable dining restaurant.

There was also a small artbook collection of key animations of the film, mostly outlining the 3D production and re-working of several scenes.

Took a few selected sample photos of the artbook.

Next up is a memo pad.

It’s actually a mini flip book animation pad containing lineart sketches of Shiki in certain action scenes if you flip through it slowly. I would record a video to demonstrate but I’m too lazy :P.

The next item is a mini ticket holder. This was part of the limited edition set for the visual book.

Another promotional item was a set of 8 postcards. Surprisngly, this item was selling for quite a high price on YJA when they first started popping up. (around 5,000 to 8,000 yen)

Going back to the limited edition set for the visual book, this next item was part of the set which was a special coloured production sketch image of the main artwork used to promote the film’s 3D re-release.

All of those items from the set also came in a special envelope paper bag containing the same artwork on the back.

A number of other items that were prizes from the lucky dip games at Ufotable dining were a few postcards. I got three of the same ones which were double sided where one side contained Saber for the Fate/Zero Cafe special while the other side had a chibi Shiki lazing around on the floor lol. Some of the other postcards I’ve seen on YJA contained artworks of Kokutou Mikiya and Touko which I may or may not try to obtain.

Some of the other prize items were coffee tumblers. There were three to win and I obtained all three which contained previous promotional artworks used to promote the first three films.

This next tumbler below wasn’t a prize item I think, but was one where people were able to buy from ufotable’s restaurant, which contains the main promotional image for the 3D re-release.

One final Ufotable dining prize item from the lot. A special tall glass cup.

And for the sake of it, two promotional fliers advertising the upcoming “Mirai Fukuin” film that is being released towards the end of this month.

Like I said earlier in the post, there were a few other promotional items for the 3D re-release of Fukan Fukei that I was interested in getting but didn’t in the end. One of them was a lunch mat from Ufotable dining which contained characters from the film series in chibi form while others were like production sketches of Touko & Mikiya. One particular prize item I saw advertised on Ufotable dining’s website was a wallscroll featuring the main promotional image of Shiki for the 3D re-release. I really wanted to get that but I have never seen it pop up on Yahoo Japan Auctions ever! It’ll probably join the list of extremely rare Kara no Kyoukai merchandises but I hope it does pop up in the future.

Well that’s it for this post! I see I now have a whole lot of new Kara no Kyoukai merchandise to add to my already huge collection lol, and I bet we will see more being made to promote the upcoming “Mirai Fukuin” film as its release creeps up closer and closer…and then there’s the eventual Japanese BD release of the film as well! Oh man my wallet will not be happy XD.

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