Shirokuma Cafe Animate LE BD Volume 13 (FINAL)

The final Animate limited edition BD volume of Shirokuma Cafe! Got this in a few days ago actually but have been kinda busy preparing for the Manifest convention that will be on next weekend, so I haven’t put this high on my priority list.

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So now that the final volume is here, my imports of Animate’s limited edition blu-ray releases is complete! This is actually the only series where I’ve imported the Japanese original releases that has more than 8 volumes. The anime series ran for 50 episodes and all the volumes had 4 episodes each except for this one, which only contains the final two episodes, but at least the RRP was a little cheaper than all the previous volumes because of that. (5,040 yen)

The bonus original goods for the final volume is a nail filer. If some of the previous goods that came with the BD’s wasn’t a clear indication of the target demographic for this anime series (mainly females), then this one probably makes it loud and clear lol.

There was also a flyer inserted in the BD case advertising a summer festival for Shirokuma Cafe being held at the Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo from the 25th of July, 2013 til the 18th of August, 2013. No idea if any video footage of this festival will be recorded though. At least I hope it will be.

I haven’t listened to the bonus Penguin Cafe drama CD for this volume yet as this came with a bonus DVD containing footages of a zoo trip that three of the seiyuu cast went to and I was more interested in checking that out.

This DVD was only given out to those who purchased Animate’s limited edition blu-rays of the anime series from volumes 7-13. It runs for 49 minutes and covers one day of a zoo trip that Takahiro Sakurai (Shirokuma), Katsuyuki Konishi (Full-Time Panda) & Takayuki Kondo (Mr. Tortoise) go to called “Adventure World” while Wataru Hatano (Handa) narrates their day and gives information about the zoo. I laughed a bit at the introduction of the program where all three seiyuus were standing there awkwardly and not saying anything for about 20 seconds until Katsuyuki said “Talk dammit!” XD.


The group was taken around the zoo by a host named “小野真一” (Shinichi Ono? from what I could search up on google)  who seemed rather overly enthusiastic (and creepy at times lol), but it seems he has hosted some other Shirokuma Cafe events so I guess that’s why the seiyuus were comfortable with his eccentric behaviour.


Some of the animals the group saw at the zoo were ones that also appeared in the anime series, such as the penguins, llamas, tortoises and giraffes. Of course when Takayuki Kondo got up close with a tortoise he couldn’t help but ask “how are you feeling?” in his tortoise voice from the anime.


One of the main features of the zoo was  the Panda enclosure that was also running a breeding program. When the seiyuus got to the attraction, Kondo-san got very excited when he saw the baby panda come out to play that the others had to pull him back from running towards it lol.








The host also presented them a special bamboo meat bun shaped into the face of a panda where Katsuyuki Konishi wanted to grab one to eat, but the host pulled it back as they were about to do a quiz on the Panda breeding program haha. Whoever gets the correct answer gets to eat the special meat bun.


The quiz was a question on how many Pandas in total have been born from the breeding program held at “Adventure World” and the seiyuus had to guess the number.


And these were the answers they wrote down.


As you can see, Takahiro Sakurai guessed 7, Katsuyuki Konishi’s answer was 16 and Takayuki Kondo’s was a huge 109 lol. The actual answer was 10 so none of them got it right and the host happily ate the panda meat bun in front of them as they watched on hungrily XD. Here’s a close-up view of the meat bun below.


After that, they went on a safari ride having a look at some more of the animals that were at the zoo.


The film crew actually managed to record footage of a kid screaming and pulling his/her dad away as one of the elephants pulled out its trunk towards them XD. The group was watching the whole thing and Katsuyuki said “don’t be scared, elephants are kind animals” XD.


Here are some more of the other animals they saw on the safari ride.









The group also got up close and personal with feeding the giraffes.shirokuma_cafe_bonus_zoo_trip_dvd_screencap_group_safari_ride_feeding_giraffes_01











After the safari ride, the group took a lunch break where the seiyuus tried out some of the original desserts that were offered at “Adventure World” and had a “boys talk” discussing what their day so far at the zoo and their work on Shirokuma Cafe.








I laugh every time Takahiro goes to eat the desserts he presents it to the camera before eating it, while the other two are usually in the middle of a talk.




Continuing onto their final attraction at “Adventure World”, the sea animals, a group cheer instigated by the ever so eccentric host lol.


shirokuma_cafe_bonus_zoo_trip_dvd_screencap_group_sea_world_cheer_02And here are some of the animals that were there.



shirokuma_cafe_bonus_zoo_trip_dvd_screencap_sea_world_polar_bearFor the polar bear attraction, only two out of the three seiyuus got to see it up close as the host decided to make them play one final quiz that had a punishment where the one who gets the wrong answer could not go and see it. I’ll leave a video clip of this quiz for you to find out who actually lost the game, you’d be surprised XD.

I’ve added in English subtitles as well, turn on youtube’s captions to see it.

And this bonus DVD closes with a conclusion narrated by Wataru saying he wished he could’ve joined them on their trip to “Adventure World” before concluding the program with all the others giving their thank-you messages to the viewers.

shirokuma_cafe_bonus_zoo_trip_dvd_screencap_wataru_hatanoAnd that was quite a picture-filled summary of the bonus zoo trip DVD wasn’t it? Again, finally happy that I’ve completed my imports for Animate’s limited edition BD releases for the Shirokuma Cafe anime. Will probably make a collection post on all the related merchandise I’ve collected for the franchise soon.

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