Seiyuu Beginner’s Level Workshop With 宮村優子さん (Yuko Miyamura)

This was done quite awhile ago but having finally gotten my certificate of completion for Yuko Miyamura’s seiyuu workshop I can now blog about it XD.

To be honest, I only found out about this anime voice acting workshop through a friend on facebook and was very curious about it enough to actually give it a go and test my Japanese, especially as a Japanese veteran in the seiyuu industry was teaching. I signed up for the full course of the beginner’s level which ran for two weeks, and at the end of it we would receive a certificate of completion along with a DVD of the scene we recorded with Yuko as well as an autographed class photo.

The Certificate


Edited the photo for the privacy of the other students that attended the workshop. It was all guys that attended though and nearly all of them were fanboying over Yuko throughout the classes LMAO, except for me  since I’m not a hardcore Evangelion fan XD.

Most of the stuff learnt were the basics and foundations of voice acting preparations, such as tongue twisters, voice projections and pronunciations. There were other things mentioned too such as the different ways Hollywood voice acting works compared to the Japanese anime voice acting work methods, e.g. Hollywood actors recording in separate booths and at different times for the majority of the recording, whereas Japanese voice actors would often record together in one room and sometimes share one mic with each other.

I have to mention though that we did get served some sushi Yuko made herself during the breaks in-between the classes which will probably make her fanboys go crazy & jealous XD.

So in the final class we recorded a short scene from the Evangelion TV series with Yuko. I played Kensuke while my friend played Toji, Yuko was Hikari in this scene.

I did enjoy trying out my voice for Toji in a nasally tone during rehearsals though, since I thought it would sound sort of nerdy, funny and fitting for his Kansai dialect XD but opted to voice as Kensuke in the end.

Yuko Miyamura’s Seiyuu Workshop Business Card



Having now gotten some small experience in the anime voice acting industry, I may consider enrolling into the more advanced classes that Yuko also teaches to expand my Japanese speaking and voice acting. Those who are living in Melbourne and are interested in learning about the seiyuu industry should probably check out Yuko’s classes. Facebook Page for details.

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